Messaging System for SchoolsMessaging System for SchoolsMessaging System for Schools

Call Parents can help send messages quickly, saving time, effort and money. Send a message via text or e-mail to parents, teachers and students with a few simple clicks.

Call Parents dynamically integrates with all the main management information systems in the UK, with technical partnerships already in place. With Capita SIMS, Call Parents is the only system of its kind to have gained Premier Partner status.

Call Parents now has an integrated Payments feature, meaning schools can move towards a  cashless  environment.  Payments now enables the following:

  • Send targeted payment requests directly to parents (e.g. for school trips, dinner money, after school clubs etc)
  • Issue refunds – hassle-free! (e.g. a child can no longer attend a trip)
  • Send  customised payment requests (by class or year groups)
  • Detailed reporting,  statistics  and  analytics – see what has been paid, and what it outstanding – by parent, class, or year group
  • Unlimited technical support
  • Multiple  bank  accounts  can  be  nominated  to  pay  money  into (e.g. if  you  have  some  payments   going  to  your  Local  Authority  as  well  as  your  school.

Key features

Integrated and Secure

Changes to e-mail addresses or telephone numbers in your management information system are read directly by Call Parents, meaning only one database has to be maintained.

Access Wherever You Are

Ideal for when parent communication is needed quickly away from school. Online remote access, great for field trips, during school closure or in an emergency.

Flexibility to Suit You

Select different groups of teachers, students and parents, providing greater flexibility and the ability to target messages to specific people.

Cost Effective

No long-term contract – unlimited site licence so several users can operate the system at no extra cost.

Plan for the Future

Schedule messages to go out now or in advance, great for setting up messages to go out in the school holidays.

No Complicated Technical Requirements

Simple installation. No additional hardware is required, just access to the Internet and to download our software tool once.

“Our parents are far happier receiving communications through Call Parents. It’s much better than pieces of paper that can get lost or dog-eared – and it’s more secure. Before using it, we wouldn’t get replies from many parents and we spent a lot of time chasing them up, but now we are guaranteed a much higher level of response. Ultimately we need 100% replies and we get that far more quickly now. We are quite a traditional school so it’s important for us to use new technology – with hindsight perhaps we should have adopted it sooner!”

Val Mathews, Marketing Manager at Seaton House School

“This technology has helped us to contact parents a lot more efficiently.  Previously we had to call all the parents individually, now we simply press a button and Call Parents does the job for us!  A text message is not only immediate, it is easy to read and less formal than a letter, so it allows us to engage with parents who are otherwise hard to reach.”

Deputy Head at Alexandra High School

“This technology has helped us to contact parents a lot more efficiently. Previously we had to call all the parents individually, now we simply press a button.”

Headteacher at secondary school, Carlisle