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Club Contact enables you to quickly and easily communicate with members and/or parents of your organisation via email and text message.

Clubs make a valuable contribution to the social fabric of communities, but communication can be challenging when there’s multiple members to be kept informed about a busy timetable!

Whether it’s scouts, guides, church groups, youth clubs, choirs, ramblers, rotary clubs, sports teams –  quite simply, if you run a club with multiple members that you want to communicate with, then Club Contact is the solution for you.


How Club Contact Works:

To cater for the wide range of clubs and organisations that use Club Contact, your account can be set up to work in one of two ways:

  • Children and Parents – Typically for youth organisations, this means all children’s names are entered onto the system and put into the relevant teams/sections/groups. They are then linked to their parent who is also added to the system, along with their contact details. The advantage of this is that parents with more than one child in the organisation only have one account, with multiple children linked to it.
  • Members / Contact – If your organisation doesn’t need the child / parent linking and just needs to communicate directly with members, you can just store the member’s name & contact details and also add them to any relevant teams/sections/groups.


Club Contact Messaging Features:

  1. Children, parents or members can be assigned to relevant messaging groups, enabling you to target information that is only relevant to them. You can also opt to ‘send to all’ so that whole club/organisation messages can be sent to all parents / members in just a few clicks.
  2. Club Contact enables you to grant an unlimited number of additional users access to the system to send email and text messages.
  3. The system is web-based, which means you can access it from any computer or device with internet access (including mobile devices). There’s no software to install.
  4. Parents’ or members’ contact details can be updated and maintained within the Club Contact system quickly and easily.


Club Contact Customers:

If you’re an existing Club Contact customer, Club Contact is changing…  We are currently phasing out Club Contact in its current form and migrating it on to our flagship Call Parents platform. This is great news as with Call Parents, customers can enjoy all the features of Club Contact (messaging and payments) and more! (including Text Message In).

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Key features


Children, parents or members can be assigned into relevant messaging groups, enabling relevant, specific information to be sent to them.

Multi-User Access

Grant an unlimited number of additional users access to the system to send email and text messages, set up reply online, payment requests and update user contact details.


Export contact details for parents or members into Microsoft Excel format in real-time.

Integrated Communications and Payments

Just one system to manage both communication and payment collection.

Contact Management

Parents or members’ contact details can be updated and maintained within ClubContact quickly and easily.


The same browser encryption that is used by all major banks and other online organisations ensures your data is protected.

“ClubContact is just excellent. Members are very happy to be informed via texts and emails. It’s more efficient and also it saves loads of admin time. The setup has taken no time at all and we were up and running within a day or two, what more can I say, it’s great!”

Football club owner at Essex