Secure mentoring communication systemSecure mentoring communication systemSecure mentoring communication system

e-mentoring is a secure online, text message and email solution for mentors with child protection and safeguarding at its heart.

e-mentoring facilitates the mentor/mentee relationship by allowing secure and safe communication without the constraints of time or geography. The system is used both to complement face to face mentoring and as a stand-alone solution.

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Key features

Protection by Design

Designed to minimise the risk of disclosure of inappropriate information that ensures email addresses, websites and phone numbers are not transmitted.

Moderated Forums

Promote the sharing of ideas in protected and moderated forums for students and mentors to communicate privately.

Safe and Secure

Any messages sent in by students from a variety of methods, can only actually be read and replied to by the Mentor via a secure website.

Comprehensive Reporting

A range of comprehensive reports to check on usage for the organisation, by student, mentor, date and time usage, all to evaluate both the effectiveness of the e-mentoring system and to pick on any patterns of usage are available.

Easy to Use

Full training is included in the cost, delivered online.  Training in person is also available at an additional cost.

No complicated technical requirements

e-mentoring is based on a secure website, with no additional software to install – just access to the Internet.

“This particular scheme has been very successful …. mentees can discreetly send information and seek assistance about problems they are encountering. Although there are considerable advantages to our face-to-face method, there are also drawbacks. For example, sometimes mentors aren’t always available when the student wants to see them or the question they have may just require a quick reply and so a meeting isn’t always necessary.”

Strategic ICT Co-ordinator at secondary school, Herefordshire