Ementoring Features & Benefits

The ementoring system does what you need, saving time and resources and helping students.

Protected and moderated

Ementoring is designed to minimise the risk of disclosure of inappropriate information by the student to the mentor and vice versa. It provides a monitoring system that ensures such things as email addresses, websites and phone numbers are not transmitted between student and mentor but are flagged to an Administrator to either allow the message through, allow it through with the inappropriate information deleted from the message or not allow the message through at all. In addition, the Mentor can also request a forum to be setup by the Administrator. As soon as a student is added to the forum they are alerted to this by text message or email, so that they can go online and join in.

Safe and secure

For security, any messages sent in by students from a variety of methods, can only actually be read and replied to by the Mentor via a secure 128 bit encrypted HTTPS website. All messages in and out of the ementoring system are checked and monitored both systematically and by the Administrator within the school. The phrases checked can be added to or amended and deleted only by the Administrator of the Organisation.

Moderated Forums

Forums are an easy to use method of communication that promotes the sharing of ideas in a protected and moderated environment. They allow groups of students and their mentor to communicate using private, web-based online discussion areas. With the ability to add new topics and threads, students can organise and structure discussions and ideas to suit their needs. 

Provision of Comprehensive Reporting

The Administrator can produce a range of comprehensive reports to check on usage for their organisation, by student, by mentor, date usage and time usage, all to evaluate both the effectiveness of the ementoring system and to pick on any patterns of usage, i.e. Do the students prefer to use text message as opposed to going online and sending messages, does that usage change throughout the day?  All these reports can be accessed in real-time and are all exportable to excel for further analysis as required.

Easy to use and support

Within the cost of the ementoring system we include training and technical support, delivered over the phone and online, or training in person.

No complicated technical requirements

Ementoring is based on a secure website, so no software to install. No additional hardware is required and there are no new telephone lines to install. All you need is an Internet connection.

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