How ementoring Works

Ementoring is straightforward and simple to use for both the students and the mentor, ensuring an easy and free exchange within a moderated environment

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    Student sends message

    Each time a student sends a message to their mentor, the mentor is alerted, this points them in the direction of the ementoring system, so they can log onto the secure website and view that message.

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    Mentor alerted

    These alerts can be straight away or they can be batched up into one email, a method many mentors prefer.  A mentor can receive an email late at night informing them of how many messages they have from their students so they can log on and view them the following day.

  3. Messages timed and dated

    Any messages received or sent to the student builds up a history so that the mentor can see immediately what previous correspondence they have had with that student.  All messages are timed and dated and the Mentor can view the type of message preferred by that student, either online or by text message.

  4. Group Messaging

    As well as communicating effectively on a one to one basis with students, the mentor can also ‘group message’ their students via text or email through the ementoring site.  Again, this message is checked prior to issue.

  5. Administrator access

    It is important that a Mentor communicates with the Administrator as well, alerting them to queries they may have. This can be done through the ementoring system via a simple message box. In addition, if they want to set up a forum with their students they can message this request through to the Administrator.

  6. Administrator can check messages

    Administrators are alerted by email to any messages they receive, they can then go online and view the messages. 

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