Personalised App for ParentsPersonalised App for ParentsPersonalised App for Parents

OurSchoolsApp is a free app for your parents, which allows them to keep updated with information, news, calendar events and contact information.

OurSchoolsApp gives your parents a personalised app to keep them updated with news, events and contact information. It is free for parents/carers to download and use.

We have designed a complimentary parent pack for schools to encourage more of your parents download and use OurSchoolsApp.
The parent pack includes templates and suggested information to help explain to your parents what the product is and encourage them to use it.


Key features

Free App for your Parents

OurSchoolsApp allows parents to be alerted to the latest news and events.

Easy to Update and Amend

Staff can easily add, update or delete content without any technical expertise which automatically appears on the app.

All your Relevant Links in One Place

Links can be added to the app such as the social media sites, your website, Ofsted or ParentView, making it easier for parents to access everything in one place.

Push Notifications of Information, Events and News

Every time information, news and events are added, parents receive a push notification and also a reminder prior to those events, ensuring they are always kept updated.

A Personalised App Without the Personalised Expense

OurSchoolsApp can reflect your branding throughout, including colours, logo or any other images.

Click to Call and Click to Email

Parents can access phone numbers, email addresses and photos of contacts, with options to click-to-call and/or email.

“The App is useful as news reaches parents directly, rather than them having to look for it on the school website. It’s a good way of making sure parents are getting the necessary information.”

Assistant Headteacher at secondary school, Liverpool