Bullying Reporting SystemBullying Reporting SystemBullying Reporting System

Text Someone encourages young people to report incidents of bullying and anti-social behaviour directly to schools. Students can text, go online or call 24/7, with the option to upload images as evidence.

Text Someone manages incidents being reported by text message, phone or online. Further information on an incident can be keyed directly into the system.

Key features

Instant Alerts

Whenever a student reports an incident, it automatically appears on Text Someone and the school is alerted to this. The student will receive automatic confirmation back to them to confirm receipt of their message.

Upload Photo Evidence

The app allows students to upload photos as evidence, such as, for example, abusive words written in the toilet. In cases of cyberbullying, this could be a snapshot of their screen.

Real Time Information

Text Someone displays in real-time all the messages you have received and allows you to make notes next to the message on the action taken.

Secure and Safe

Secure access to the system means only that staff member can see the text messages, voice messages and emails from students.

Easy to Promote

Text Someone works through a mobile number, landline and website to schools. These can be promoted by your school to your students through downloadable posters, planner inserts and cards.

No Complicated Technical Requirements

Text Someone is based on a secure website, so no software to install. No additional hardware is required – all you need is an Internet connection.

“We have used this solution for 3 years now and we take the line that children often ‘talk with their thumbs’ and that texting provides them with a familiar medium to communicate issues that they might otherwise find difficult.

“It’s very simple to use, I get a text when someone has made a report and I can listen to it as a voicemail and reply by text. We always respond the same day. The commitment I give is that I will drop whatever I’m doing and will arrange for the most appropriate person to deal with the incident immediately.”

Deputy headteacher at secondary school, Derbyshire

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