When teachers spend more time planning than teaching…

Posted on 02 November 2017 in All news

According to today’s TES article, written by a former Headteacher, ‘When teachers spend more time on planning than the teaching, we know we have a problem’. 

About teachers’ curriculum planning, the article cites that ‘we plan more for it to be analysed by management, rather than the needs of the pupils themselves. This means that we lose teacher spontaneity, creativity and ad hoc decision-making – when teachers spend more time on planning than the teaching, we know we have a problem’.

When the reality is that teachers are spending much of their school holidays, and evenings and weekends on planning, many are left worrying about how to complete their endless list of jobs.  When ‘we have reached the intolerable situation in which teachers work 54 hours a week and school leaders 60’ *, and when every hour in front of a class teaching, brings another hour preparing for it, can anything be done to improve the situation and reduce this planning time?

iPEP is a P.E. Planning and Assessment Tool which can dramatically reduce the amount of time Primary School P.E. Coordinators need to spend planning the curriculum for an academic year.  With an ‘off the shelf’ database of more than 1,000 lesson plans, created by qualified P.E. teachers, it can revolutionalise the way P.E. is taught in schools.  More importantly, it goes some way to address the ‘problem’ at hand: it frees up time spent planning – leaving more time for teaching.

With the ring-fenced funding that schools now receive for P.E., and the requirement to demonstrate that this is being used effectively, this gives you a simple-to-use tool (it works on PC and tablet) that will set you apart when Ofsted come to visit.

For a free online demonstration of iPEP, or for any more information, give the team a call today on 03333 13 14 15.


 *Source: https://www.tes.com/news/school-news/breaking-news/teachers-work-a-54-hour-week-dfe-survey-finds