5 Top Tips: How to increase downloads of OSA in your school

Posted on 13 February 2018 in All news

To make OurSchoolsApp a success in your school, you need to give it a big initial launch, and then regularly, and consistently push it – to engage parents and drive downloads.   Some of our schools are benefiting from over 100% downloads of the app – but we want all our schools to be reaping the same benefits!

Here are our 5 top tips of how to get parents downloading OurSchoolsApp in your school:

1. Incentives and Class Competitions

There’s nothing like a bit of good-old healthy competition for driving downloads!  Whether it’s inter-class competitions to see which class can get every parent to downloaded the app the quickest (for a prize). Or a sticker and chocolate from the office for every child whose parent downloads the app… think outside the box for challenging ways you can get the children to go home talking about OurSchoolsApp.

2. Download resources from our Parent Pack

Whether in your school entrance, on the office counter, or along the corridors, use the resources in our Parent Pack which promote OurSchoolsApp.  They’re free, (so there’s no excuse!) – simply download and print, and tell parents about them when they call in to school.  Also include regular pieces in your weekly newsletters and updates… and persist with more than a single push.  Regular reminders will eventually start to pay off – especially if you update on download rates and set a target – to keep the momentum building!

3. Reach Parents at Parents’ Evenings

Parents’ Evening is arguably one of the best opportunities to promote OurSchoolsApp face-to-face with parents.  Perhaps nominate a member of office staff to have an information table about OurSchoolsApp.  Even better, get parents to stop and download the app there and then (why not offer a free cake for every download)!

4. Push the app on your website and social media channels

Most parents’ first port of call when looking for school information (e.g. date for class assembly, term dates, latest newsletter) will be your website, so put a prominent advert about OurSchoolsApp on your home page.  Why not regularly post about the app on your facebook and twitter feeds too – encouraging parents to not only download it, but also to leave comments about what they’d like to see you add to your app, moving forward.

5. Include downloading OurSchoolsApp as a piece of homework

In PHSE, for homework, get pupils to go home and help their parents to download OurSchoolsApp, (free from the App Store or Google Play Store), on their phone or tablet.  With gold stars all round for whoever does!  This alone could generate 100% downloads!

No-one buys a car and then keeps it in the garage…  Don’t buy OurSchoolsApp and then ‘leave it on the shelf’!  The more parents who have downloaded it and actively use it, the better for everyone!

If you’ve tried any of our tips that have worked, please do share them with us on Twitter @contactgroup!  We’d love to share your ideas with other schools.