Bullying in schools is still rife

Posted on 29 January 2018 in All news

According to this recent Guardian article, bullying in schools in the UK is still rife.

Bullying happens.  And it hurts.  Despite many anti-bullying policies, school assemblies, PHSE lessons, leaflets, drama presentations, and a host of well-meaning interventions at a local level, the sad fact remains that bullying is still a common problem in many UK schools – no matter how much a school may try to deflect or brush issues under the carpet.

Research findings from ResearchBods (a youth research agency)  in Oct 2017 found that when it comes to victims of bullying , 72% would confide in a peer, 60% would confide in a parent, and only 34% would confide in a teacher.  If this is the case, then schools need to find other ways to encourage pupils to report bullying, when they don’t feel like they can, face to face.

Is it time to channel the ‘tool’ often used in bullying (in particular, cyber bullying) – the mobile phone – and encourage its use as a leading role for preventing, and safely reporting bullying in schools?


Tell by Text is a bullying reporting system which allows students to safely report incidences of bullying direct to their school.  Students can text, go online or call 24/7, with the option to upload images as evidence.

There have been some tragic and heartbreaking bullying-related cases in the news in recent weeks.  With schools being legally obliged to tackle bullying, you can protect both your school, and more importantly, your students from incidences of bullying which have tragic consequences.

Call the team today on 03333 13 14 15, or book a free demonstration of how Tell by Text works, and show your school community that your schools is taking Bullying seriously.