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Posted on 21 March 2018 in All news

5 tips for communicating with Club Members

Mislaid leaflets, delayed information, missing calendar dates or out of date contact information? If this sounds like your club, then you need to overhaul how you are communicating with your members. In any organisation, whether a school, a club, or society, communication is often an overlooked function.

Whether you’re a sports team, a choir, orchestra, art club, photography club, toddler group, scouts, beavers, ramblers, rotary club; clubs have one thing in common: multiple members and lots of information and events to coordinate.  We’ve put some tips together to help your club manage, and better still, maximise communication.  You’ll reap the rewards by seeing greater participation and attendance and happier members!

1. Appoint specific volunteers to oversee communication.

Without clear and accessible communication, you risk frustrating your members and causing confusion. You should think about assigning this task to one or two individuals – whose sole focus is communication.  That way, conflicting information is not issued by multiple people, and they are the go-to people when there is confusion over dates or times for an event.

2. Have good contact information for members.

If you hold a membership drive, or you have annual membership renewals it is crucial to get solid contact information for every member. This should include name, address, phone number (including which number is the best to reach them) and email address. If you plan on sending out any information via email, it is also important to get permission from that individual to send such communication to their email address, with new GDPR legislation looming.

3. Have a generic email address for your club.

You can sign-up for a free email address from sites like Google, Yahoo or Hotmail – this is ideal for streamline incoming requests or questions from members. Also, as volunteers and members change, your email address can stay constant. Remember to always ask your members to contact the club through your email address – as a tile within OurSchoolsApp*  Email is considered better than a phone call in most instances because you will always have a written copy of all communications. Also, your email account is a database for all the email addresses for the members of your club.

4. Produce Regular Communication.

Always remember, people need to hear information over and over again before it sinks in.  Produce your information in as many ways as possible to capture as many readers as possible, even it seems fruitless.  Whether it’s newsletters, flyers, blog posts, website news, however professional or fancy (or not!), still have information available to members.  To save costs of printing and paper materials being lost or mislaid, upload all your communication materials into OurSchoolsApp* so members know where to look for them.

5. Have a Personalised App for your club.

Going digital with communication is where you will reap the most benefit.  You may already have a website for your club, and a dedicated contact email address – but to have ALL club communication in one place on an app, as one point of reference for members is arguably the best way for your club to get communication right.  When apps account for 89% of mobile media time, this is the way members will want and expect to communicate – directly on their phone.

*OurSchoolsApp is a personalised app which acts like a one-stop shop for your club. It’s free for members to download and offers the following features:

  • Calendar – you can upload a calendar of club events (concerts/matches/showcases/classes/presentations) which will sync with members’ phones and send them notifications as reminders for events.
  • Document Upload  – upload all club policies, newsletters, reviews, league tables, fixtures, members’ profiles etc.
  • Contacts – Links to all club staff/volunteers
  • News/Information – Post regular news items about members’ achievements, cancelled events – especially urgent or timely news that you need members to know before the next meeting/event.  Or why not link an RSS news feed from an organisation or media linked to the sector your club is in
  • Social Media/Web links – If you have a website, or Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account, link to these within OurSchoolsApp


OurSchoolsApp is secure, and really easy to update and amend.  Most importantly, it’s free for members to download, so this will encourage take-up and usage amongst club members.

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