Effective communication with parents

Posted on 16 March 2015 in All news

Education Technology magazine have published an article by the Headteacher of St Mary’s Primary School, Mary Harbinson, explaining how she installed our Call Parents product to improve school – home communications.

They had a website, ran parents evenings and also ran a parent club but they felt that they could do more. They setup a school Twitter account and Facebook page and, following a parental survey that showed that all parents had a mobile phone, they implemented Call Parents. They use this to keep parents up to date with all the school’s news and also to remind pupils about their homework!

An advantage that they have found with the use of texts, is that their many parents who have English as an additional language find texts easier to understand than long letters. They also pay for some of the messages to be translated into foreign languages and the short nature of the texts messages keeps the costs down.

They have also found that the texts get much better responses than paper letters, they now send a text when every paper letter goes out, to alert the parent to lookout for the letter! The texts have also driven up attendance at all school events, due partly to the reminders that are sent out the day before.

To finish, the icing on the cake is that the use of text messaging has reduced their paper and print usage by 65% and also freed up admin time as it is simple and quick to send out bulk text messages.

Please read the full article here