Looked After Call product helps Virtual School Heads in LAs meet requirements of DfE directive, promoting the education of Looked After Children

Posted on 30 October 2014 in All news

eLearningNews.net has published an article showing how the Ofsted-ready assessment reports on looked after children (LACs) can be accessed in real-time by Virtual School Heads (VSH) in local authorities using Looked After Call from Contact Group – a management information system (MIS) for monitoring looked after children which now features a brand new Assessment Module.

Designed to help VSHs fulfil their duties as corporate parents to the UK’s 92,000+ LACs1 and meet the requirements of the DfE’s guidance document Promoting the education of looked after children2 published in July 2014, Looked After Call automatically and manually collects attendance and assessment data on children in care from schools in and out of the Local Authorities area.

Users can view the reports online and drill down into the data to explore the progress of their Looked after Children by school, by key stage, by year, by SEN and by ethnicity.

Developed to replace traditional and costly call centre solutions and to help LAs save up to 40% against these solutions, Looked After Call draws data directly from each school’s MIS. Manual calls are made to those schools that do not have an MIS or do not have the relevant data in their MIS, in order to provide the VSH with a complete picture on attainment and progression.

Using Contact Group’s Assessment Module VSHs can access instantaneously, via their PC or tablet, reports and graphs showing Progress Over Time, detailing the progress of students over a term or a year, against their target and by subject. Flightpath reports that highlight if a student is above or below their target level can also be created by simply searching on the student(s) and subject(s).

Users accessing Progress Over Time Reports can search on student, subject, school, assessment level, year group, subject and result types, including teacher assessment, predicted level, mock exam, actual exam and expected level. The results and achievements of a particular student or group of students are presented in an easy-to- read line graph and report. The reports can be printed off and saved as Excel spreadsheet files or exported as CSV files.

VSHs wishing to produce Flightpath reports can search on the student, school, assessment level, year group and subject. The data aggregated is presented with Red, Amber or Green (RAG) status ratings – red for students who are struggling and for whom intervention strategies must be put in place, amber for those who have achieved their targets and green for those that have exceeded their targets and are doing well. Users wishing to find out more simply double click on the highlighted cell to drill down into the data and view progress over time for a specific child, for a particular subject, or for all subjects.

“As corporate parents, VSHs and Lead Members of Children’s Services are responsible for closing the attainment gap between looked after children and their peers, creating a culture of high aspirations, promoting their educational achievements and providing them with access to a suitable range of high quality education placement options. Schools have Management Information Systems to allow them to monitor students. Looked After Call is a Management Information System for VSHs that helps them to make qualified decisions quickly and easily and to recommend intervention strategies that will help those children who are struggling to keep up with their peers”, said Stephen Clarke, Managing Director, Contact Group.

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