Exam Technique

Posted on 14 April 2015 in All news

With it being exam time for many students’, revision and exam technique are key to scoring you those high marks.

The first thing to do is read, read carefully, the entire exam paper.

  • Spend a good ten minutes reading before you write anything.  During this time, work out which questions you are going to answer and which order you are going to answer them in.


  • Plan your time in the exam carefully. Work out how much time you are going to spend answering each question.  Make sure you have checked the marking scheme, ensuring you understand how many points the markers want per answer (or if an equation is needed in a science exam for example)


  • Read the whole question. This is vital as lots of questions lead you through a problem and then the answer to part a) is used in part b).


  • There also might be clues in later parts of the question which would give you an idea as to what the examiner is looking for.


  • Do the questions you can answer and find the easiest first. There is no reason to do the questions in the order they are printed in the exam. This will ensure what you have learned and retained is written down, in case you run out of time.


  • If you get stuck on a question, move on.


  • Take a bottle of water in with you.  Sip it slowly throughout.
    Assumptions (have you explained all your answers, even when not explicitly asked.)


  • Explanations (have you explained what you are doing at all stages. Good explanations will get marks for method even if the answer is wrong)