How is Your School Keeping Parents Updated with Weather Conditions?

Posted on 12 January 2016 in All news

According to recent news and weather forecasts, the UK could soon be facing the coldest winter in as many as 58 years, with plummeting temperatures, gales and snow predicted. With such weather expected, there is a good chance that many schools will be forced to shut over the coming months.

Although shutting a school will always be a last resort, there are a number of reasons that head teachers may be forced to take such an action. Weather conditions may make it difficult for students and staff to travel to school, icy school grounds could be hazardous, the school may not be warm enough, or in some cases, running water may not be available and toilets could be broken. As the safety of students and staff is the most important consideration when closing a school, head teachers must follow guidelines in the case of extreme weather or they could face legal action from parents and staff in the case of accidents.

Whilst the safety of students and staff is extremely important, school shut downs can cause a lot of trouble for parents, particularly if they work. For this reason, it’s vital that your school keeps parents updated on a regular basis with weather conditions so that they can arrange for their children to attend school if it is open, or arrange for alternative care should your school be shut.

At The Contact Group, we can provide two efficient solutions to help your school keep parents informed in the event of bad weather:

Call Parents

call parentsCall Parents is an app that is designed to help your school send messages quickly, saving you time and money. In the event of a school closure, or if a school will remain open if the school grounds are considered safe, Call Parents allows you to send a message via text or email to parents, teachers and students, in just a few clicks.

In the interest of ensuring that the message gets through to all recipients, you can view reports to see who has received the message. If you are unable to contact any parents using the Call Parents app, you can then call them individually to make sure that they are up to date with school news.


ourschoolsappOurSchoolsApp is an extremely useful way of keeping busy parents up to date with important information, news, events and contact information. As a large percentage of parents now use the internet on the go, OurSchoolsApp allows you to update parents with important information at the click of a button, so should you be forced to close the school at any point in a day, you can let parents know immediately.

OurSchoolsApp is free for parents to download and keeps all of your important links in a single place. You can link to the school website to update parents with weather news, link to social media accounts, or even write your own news articles and alert parents using push notifications.

In the case of extreme weather that may force you to close your school this winter, make sure that you have a solution in place to keep all parents, staff and students up to date. To find out more about Call Parents and OurSchoolsApp, you can get in touch with The Contact Group today by calling 03333 131415.