How the Education Trends of 2018 might impact your School

Posted on 18 January 2018 in All news

We’re all firmly back in the swing of the working week now, with the New Year celebrations a distant memory but this doesn’t mean we can’t expect changes ahead.  2018 is shaping up to be a very interesting year in Education and with technology evolving, comes a changing need for the systems and programmes that support learning and the running of learning establishments.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the education trends that might have an impact on how your school operates in 2018, and more importantly how our products can help you communicate and administrate more successfully.

Parental Involvement

Whilst this is certainly not a new concept in education, constantly evolving technology means that schools are able to involve parents more readily in their children’s education and that parents expect to be better informed, given the technology available.

This was highlighted in the current Conservative Government’s manifesto from 2017, as they outlined the consideration of how Ofsted can give parents more information on what children are being taught.

One way in which we can help you to communicate more frequently, and easily with parents is by introducing OurSchoolsApp – an app that is free for parents to use and will keep them updated with your school calendar, news, events and any other contact information.

Given that mobile devices now account for 61% of the time we spend online and that 82% of these mobile minutes are spent on apps1, it is evident that reaching parents this way is the one of the best ways to communicate in the current digital age.

Lessons beyond the classroom

With more and more mobile devices and connected systems being used in schools, lessons are no longer limited to the static classroom environment.  Taking lessons outside, on the road or elsewhere around the school premises will become even more important this year, as teachers play an important role in preparing students for their life beyond school.

The challenge of taking learning away from the classroom is not being able to have the necessary administration systems in place, however with our popular partner product Reggie, teachers can take the register anywhere, at any time and the information is transmitted into the schools’ Management Information System.

Battling Truancy

Last year we reported on rising truancy rates and how Merseyside Council were considering reintroducing the ‘Wag Man’ to help combat the problem of persistent absence.   We foresee that this may still be an issue in 2018, as already this year, truancy levels have been revealed to be at their highest in Scottish schools, and with the UK national average for persistent absence revealed as 13%.

One of the most challenging issues to schools is the time taken to chase up absentees, as it is often not resolved with just one phone call.  Truancy Call connects with your school’s MIS and automates the sending of messages, emails and calls to parents to increase the opportunities of making contact.   Using Truancy Call will not only save you time, but it has also been proven to reduce the number of unauthorised absences.

If you want to stay ahead of the trends this year, speak to Contact Group today about how we can save you time and hassle with your school communications and administration in 2018.

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1 – 2017 mobile usage report comScore