Improving Communication at your Nursery

Posted on 09 August 2017 in All news

We talk a lot about the ways in which our products can support schools to improve communications and engage more efficiently with parents, staff and students, but there are also huge benefits to be reaped by nurseries.

Nursery schools provide vital early years care, that if not available would mean many parents could not return to work following the birth of their children.  Only recently it was revealed that children who spend time in a childcare setting at the ages of 3 and 4 may grow up to have better paid jobs and be less reliant on the state*, suggesting that the investment in childcare is a worthy one both for the individual and the government.

With the importance of this early years’ provision in mind, it is crucial that nurseries use all of the tools available to them to improve their offering to parents, thereby giving them the competitive edge over alternative providers.

What are the issues that nurseries are facing?

One of the biggest problems nurseries have is that they are constantly busy!  Babies and young children are dropped off and collected at various points throughout the day, which leaves little time for staff to update parents on the latest news and events. And yet, it could be these events or snippets of news that are really important to parents in terms of keeping them up to date, or to the nursery in terms of raising vital funds.

How can Contact Group help?

One way in which nurseries can improve communication with parents is by using the ‘OurSchoolsApp’ product.  It might sound like it is designed with schools in mind, but that just means that nurseries can benefit from the research and development that has gone into creating a tool that offers the perfect point of contact for parents.

OurSchoolsApp can help your nursery by providing:

  •  – Personalised app – with your own nursery logo and colours
  •  – All your information in one place – news, events, important dates, opening times, etc
  •  – Push Notifications – your updates go straight to parents’ mobile phones
  •  – Security – you need an authorised to login to update the app
  •  – Cost saving – why spend money printing letters to each parent when you can update your app instead?

Parents will love your nursery app because it is free to download and will become a great point of reference for all of your nursery news and updates.

If you want to move your nursery to a cashless environment, we have the perfect solution for you.  Our new Call Parents Payment system enables you to collect payments electronically so you don’t have to worry about mislaying cash or chasing missed payments.  Parents receive a receipt for every payment and you can even issue refunds.

To find out more about our products for nurseries please click here or call the Contact Group team on 03333 131415.


*Analysis by Frontier Economics, part of a longitudinal Study of Early Education and Development (SEED), commissioned by the Department for Education