Looked After Call’s NEW online PEP – Coming Soon!

Posted on 12 July 2018 in All news

Safeguard and progress your Looked After Children’s PEP with our new Online PEP.


Looked After Call’s objective is to ensure that all Looked After Children are safe, cared for and achieving to the best of their abilities.  We’ve been monitoring attendance and assessment results for Looked After Children for 18 years.  Our software sits in 170 Local Authorities in over 15000 schools across the UK. As well as statutory attendance collections, we also call for GCSE, SAT and Post-16 assessments.


The natural progression is to then use all this collected data to auto-complete PEPs (Personal Education Plan) for Local Authorities and Virtual Schools.

Our Online PEP allows Virtual Schools and Authorities to upload their own forms and data sets/criteria into our online templates and make them available to all stakeholders. This allows access to secure reports in a timely and secure environment that everyone can contribute to.  Online PEPs are hosted within the system for ease of reference before, during and after meetings.  The integrated, secure email function allows stakeholders to communicate directly with one another and attach documents. It will also send automatic email reminders to prompt stakeholders to complete their section of the Online PEP.

Online PEP Features:

  • Colour-coded, auto complete dials make tracking the progress of each element of the Online PEP, simple and quick.  By keeping all this sensitive data within one secure, single sign-on system, you will save time and money, with a guarantee of accurate data.

Online PEP is personalised and flexible. It can accommodate children of all ages, abilities and profiles.

Data content areas include:

  • Attendance
  • Attainment
  • SEN
  • Medical
  • Pupil Premium
  • Care
  • Key Contacts
  • Personal information
  • Health and emotional wellbeing
  • Education
  • and bespoke areas can be configured.

Data can easily be populated, filtered and RAG (Red, Amber, Green) rated against the following headings:

  • First and Last Name
  • School
  • Gender
  • Year
  • Social Worker
  • PEP cycle
  • Academic year
  • Status
  • Key Stage
  • Assigned User


Testimonial from Looked After Call user, Gloucestershire Virtual School:

Gloucestershire Virtual School has been using Contact Group’s “Looked After Call” service successfully for a few years now. The services they provide for live attendance and exclusion data is essential for our Virtual School. The company and the people that work for them have always been incredibly responsive to the Virtual School’s data needs. We are watching with interest as Contact Group develop a new PEP product“. (Jane Featherstone, Virtual School Head)

Interested in Online PEP?

We hope to roll out Online PEP from the new academic year in September 2018.  Register your interest now, using the link below, and we’ll be in touch to give you a thorough demonstration of Online PEP and how it can benefit your Virtual School.