Mobile Technology

Posted on 12 February 2015 in All news

Tablets and smartphones are gadgets that have become a necessity rather than a matter of convenience in our everyday lives. They have totally transformed society, the education system and have even started to prove that they are the future of workplace learning.

Mobiles and tablets help incorporate resources anytime anywhere, in order to deliver meaningful performance for a really effective learning process. This could completely revolutionise the learning process in education to make it fun and informative at the same time.

Tablets are now an integral part of organisations across all kinds of industries. They are the fastest growing device in the mobile phone market. Merging the learning process with work is something that has and is still evolving at a rapid pace.

As technology is forever growing, we have to grow with it and use it to our advantage. Children find tablets exciting and fun to use, incorporating technology into their education is on the rise and so is their progress according to reports.

Contact Group is a leading provider of best in class communications. We listen to what our customers want and provide solutions that help facilitate students, schools and parents. A study suggests over one third of the population use tablets in their everyday lives. Contact Group’s Ourschoolsapp was designed to revolutionise parental engagement, it is a personalised app for parents, to keep them updated with school information, news, calendar events and contact information.

Our other product Reggie® is a mobile application that allows teachers to take the student register anytime, anywhere. It communicates directly with your school’s MIS therefore it is ideal for staff that are on the move or away from their PC. The register can be taken with a tablet or phone thus improving the efficiency in taking the register through mobile technology.

Evidently it isn’t just children that can benefit from mobile technology.

“The benefits of technology depends on the way children, parents and teachers choose to use it to enhance learning. When used well for educational purposes, the latest technology can help create opportunities for more active and meaningful learning experiences.”


Blog Post by: Amelia Watson