Is PE in schools ‘in tatters’ after the London Olympics?

Posted on 06 October 2017 in All news

Pupils now spend less time participating in sport and PE in schools than in 2012


According to yesterday’s TES news article ‘Pupils now spend less time participating in sport and PE in schools than pupils did back in 2012, according to the Youth Sport Trust. It’s hardly the legacy the London Olympics was aiming for’.

But when PE has untold benefits for children, not least by encouraging an active lifestyle, social skills, concentration and promoting self-discipline and team building, why are so many schools not giving PE the priority it deserves?  Instead, too many employ sports coaches, to allow teachers time for planning, preparation and assessment (PPA), resulting in fewer trained teachers providing PE. PE, much like many other creative subjects, has been squeezed out of the curriculum, lagging far behind the subjects that are crucial to learning and league tables alike, such as English and maths.

The article concludes that ‘schools must recognise the importance of improving pupils’ wellbeing, by refocusing on the position of PE within our schools‘…

Can iPEP be part of the solution?

The decline in PE prioritisation has been attributed by some, to the former Education Secretary’s axe of £162 million of government money for sport.  Nevertheless, this year, the Government announced new ring-fenced funding for schools for PE, which aims to reverse the trend and return PE to its rightful place within the curriculum.

What if there was an ‘off the shelf’ PE curriculum planning and assessment tool, made by teachers, for teachers which would reinvent PE teaching in school?

Introducing iPEP:


  • * Plan an entire year’s worth of PE lessons in literally minutes
  • * Log-ins and access for other teachers who deliver PE
  • * Access to over 1,000 lesson plans that let the teacher know what equipment they will need; including a description, images and demo videos which model what to do in the lesson (inc. versions for over and under-performers).
  • * Fully integrated Assessment tool with option to upload photo evidence.  This will easily track a child’s progress throughout the year (giving you one place to refer to, when Ofsted pay a visit!)
  • * Ongoing technical support and daily back up of all data


This really is as good as it sounds – every PE Coordinator’s dream!  iPEP gives you a simple-to-use tool (it works on PC and tablet) that will set you apart when Ofsted come to visit.  For schools that are looking for an Outstanding Ofsted rating, this really helps to give you a tick in a box.  It also allows you to present this information back to parents, which is really valued by them.

This is what one school already using iPEP effectively, has to say about the difference it has made to PE in their school:


If you’d be interested in a FREE online demo of how iPEP works, click here, or give the team a call on 03333 13 14 15 today!