What use is a paper letter on a snow day?

Posted on 11 December 2017 in All news

Love it or loathe it, snow can be part and parcel of life in the UK during Winter months.  Children love it and long for snow days off school to go sledging with friends.  Parents generally could do without it as it can disrupt life and routines!  Wherever you sit on the ‘loving snow’ scale, one thing is certain, when the white flakes come down, for schools and other emergency services, it’s essential to be able to inform parents of updates regarding school closures, or other safety information, at quick and regular intervals.

In this case, the traditional paper letter home is rendered useless.  If snow falls over the weekend as indeed it just has, then mass messaging, whether  SMS or email, is vital for schools to communicate with parents.  Parents need to plan childcare, or emergency annual leave/working from home, with as much notice as possible.  If school is going to be closed, there isn’t the option of sending letters home with pupils…  And parents don’t appreciate the uncertainty of not knowing either way – only to be greeted with a sign on the school gates.


Call Parents is a reliable, robust and secure messaging platform with over 99% ‘up’ time; so schools can rely upon it to get messages to parents quickly when adverse weather – or other emergency situations – arise.  In 2010, when the worst now in 18 years hit the UK, Call Parents sent over 4 million messages in one week on behalf of schools.  It won’t let schools down.

Get ahead of the game and don’t wait for the next snow forecast!

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