Parents love OurSchoolsApp as much as schools do…

Posted on 31 January 2018 in All news

Ever been that parent who walks through the school gates, only to see all the other children in their own clothes…and your child ISN’T?!!  No one wants to be that parent…!

Parents have enough to juggle and navigate with work, packed lunches, after school activities, birthday parties and the million other things in the week.  No parent needs the inevitable guilt of missing a crucial school event for their child!

With OurSchoolsApp, schools can send push notification reminders to parents about dress up days, cake sales, own clothes days, inset days etc – just what busy parents need!  When events are added to the integrated calendar, they will automatically sync with a parent’s calendar on their phone and they will receive 2 reminders. No more missing events or getting the wrong time!  Because it’s all on your phone, there’s no lost paper letters at the bottom of school bags either.

We know how much this means to parents, because they regularly tell us, via the feedback tile on the App! Some recent comments include:

Well impressed.  This is a fantastic way of keeping everyone informed quickly.  I was amazed to see all information go straight to my diary without having to trawl through the newsletter and entering each event.  No excuses now for missing out or being late.

“Great way of communication, really works for me, as a working parent”

“Absolutely fantastic. So happy to have all the information needed all in one place. Makes life so simple! Love this school app  😀”

“Great app. Very professional-looking and is a great way to keep up to date with school info. Very easy to use and great for the environment as it means the school doesn’t need to send out thousands of letters on paper”

“Really good app helps me to remember what’s going on so my son doesn’t miss out on anything”

“Fantastic app – wish we’d had it years ago”

“First weekend of using this app and very pleased so far. The calendar sync to iPhone is really helpful. And as a busy parent the reminder feature is a huge benefit”

“Really helpful app, everything you need to know about the school all in one place. Brilliant”

“This app is fantastic. It really helps me keep organised. Thank you so much.”

” Very useful to have all events in one place and to be able to access anything I need from one app”

If you’re a parent and your child’s school doesn’t have their own personalised app, tell them about OurSchoolsApp.  Not only is a one-stop point of reference for all school information, but it promises to make your life as a busy parent easier too!