Parents Want More Say So Improve Your School Comms

Posted on 09 February 2017 in All news

Parents are not being considered enough when it comes to their children’s education.  That is the message from the recent PTA UK survey, which questioned parents about their involvement with their youngsters’ schools.

Eight out of ten parents wanted to be consulted more, with bullying and the cost of school trips topping the list of concerns.

So, what can schools do to address this discontent?

Improve School Communications

One of the best ways to get parents more involved in their children’s education is by enabling better communication.  By creating more effective ways for parents to communicate with schools and teachers, and making this dialogue two way, parents will feel as if their concerns are being taken into account and schools can disseminate vital information regarding policy, homework, term dates, news and events.

Parents realise it is unlikely that government will take heed of their individual view, which is why it is so important that their child’s school does.  Enabling effective two-way communication will give parents a voice in shaping their child’s education and make them feel more involved.

Which Messaging System is Right for your School?

Not all communication products are created equal.  If systems are too complicated they will create extra work, rather than saving time, which could lead to them being abandoned altogether – surely creating an added concern for parents.

At Contact Group, we address these issues when creating our products, so that take up can be simple and effective. Our Call Parents messaging system integrates with all the main management information systems in the UK and only has one database that needs updating.  There are no complicated technical requirements, and in just a few simple clicks you can send text or email messages to parents, teachers and students.   Communication is quick and simple, even when you’re away on a school trip or need to set up messages in advance to go out during school holidays.

Request a demo of Call Parents today and start seeing the difference.

The Cost of Involvement

Costs were highlighted by parents in this survey as an area of concern, thus schools who communicate more effectively about funding and trips, are in a better position to have their information well received.

Contact Group can help your school to step up to the demands of modern parents by being upfront and organised when it comes to requesting payments.

online payments for a cashless school environment

Online payments launch this month on our Call Parents system, so you can send those all-important requests for dinner money, trips and fees via SMS and email.  Sign up here and move your school to a cashless environment.

Not only will a cashless payment system be easier to administrate, but it will be one less stimulus for bullying in the school environment, which is something all schools and parents should be in favour of.

Speak to Contact Group today to start improving your school communications.  Call our sales team on 03333 131415 for more information on our products or request a brochure or demo of the products you are interested in here.