Reading isn’t ‘just an indulgent pleasure… it is an invaluable life skill’

Posted on 01 March 2018 in All news

Ahead of World Book Day 2018, the Duchess of Cornwall, is urging parents to read to children daily and “lead them on a voyage of discovery”.  She says that a day dedicated to books may seem “a bit old-fashioned” in a world “that sometimes feels dominated by too many screens and too much information”; but it is a timely reminder of how important books and reading are for children, and how they’re vital for their education and as they take their place in the grown-up world.

Whether it’s the old Roald Dahl classics which took you into a magical world of imagination, or whether it’s the joy of reading modern bestsellers with children like David Walliams’ Gangster Granny or Rat Burger – one thing can’t be denied: Reading has enriched our lives.

According to the Child Development Institute*,  these are the reasons why reading fiction is crucial for children’s development:

  1. – Reading to and with a young child builds a strong parent/child emotional bond.
  2. – Reading helps develop a child’s language skills and vocabulary.
  3. – Reading stories to young children broadens their horizons by introducing them to characters, concepts, and relationships beyond their everyday experiences.
  4. – Children introduced to reading books at a young age usually continue doing so as they get older.
  5. – Children who read books regularly are known to have better concentration, memory retention, and analytical skills.
  6. – Reading fiction helps ease the anxieties children commonly experience facing important events in their lives.


Most of us can say that reading fired our imaginations as kids, and helped our own creative writing, and many have happy memories of books that got our brains buzzing like nothing else, transporting us into a fantastic world of make believe.

At Contact Group, we’re embracing World Book Day along with our schools, by staff dressing up as their favourite character, or bringing in to work their favourite book from childhood!


Hannah in Marketing, LOVED Enid Blyton’s ‘The Enchanted Wood’.  She says ‘I literally got lost in the book and couldn’t stop reading it… I felt like I was in the book, meeting the characters and lands that Joe, Beth and Frannie found up the Faraway Tree…Moon-Face, Saucepan Man and Silky!  I loved it so much, my kids have read it whether they wanted to or not!’

Our Product Owner Ged says the DC Superheroes Annual 1983 is what first sparked his love of reading.  ‘It’s the oldest surviving book from my childhood, and the attraction of all the pictures made my inquisitive mind wanted to know what all the words said!’  Ged thinks World Book Day should be adapted into World Comic Book Day!



Dave from Looked After Call is taking calls as Bananaman today in support of World Book Day 2018!!