Reporting Bullying in schools – who do young people confide in?

Posted on 16 October 2017 in All news

Facebook announced this week that it is offering every UK high school an Anti-Bullying Ambassador as part of its anti-bullying strategy.  Up to 4,500 schools could benefit from the programme, with thousands of teenagers trained as ambassadors.  “These students [ambassadors] in schools will help give their peers the tools they need to stay safe and tackle issues such as cyber bullying,” said UK Culture Secretary Karen Brady in a statement.

The move will surely be welcomed by schools, when the steep increase in cyber bullying in particular, is often attributed to the rise and power of social media.  The UK Council for Child Internet Safety estimates that between 6 and 25 percent of young people in the UK have experienced some form of cyber-bullying.

Youth research organisation ResearchBods that show 72 % of teenagers who experience cyber-bullying are likely to confide in a peer, compared to 60% who would turn to a parent, and only 34% who would tell a teacher.

But, where does that leave the vulnerable young person who doesn’t feel like they can confide in either a peer, parent or teacher?


Tell By Text from Contact Group is an effective bullying reporting system which directly plugs the gap for young people who want to report bullying anonymously, directly to their school.  Students can either text, go online, or call 24 hours a day – with the option to upload images as evidence.




Some of the features of Tell By Text:

Instant Alerts
Whenever a student reports an incident, it automatically appears on Tell By Text and the school is alerted to this. The student will receive automatic confirmation back to them to confirm receipt of their message.

Upload Photo Evidence
The app allows students to upload photos as evidence, such as, for example, abusive words written in the toilet. In cases of cyber bullying, this could be a snapshot of their screen.

No Complicated Technical Requirements
Tell By Text is based on a secure website, so no software to install. No additional hardware is required – all you need is an Internet connection.

Easy to Promote
Tell By Text works through a mobile number, landline and website to schools. These can be promoted by your school to your students through downloadable posters, planner inserts and cards.

Real Time Information
Tell By Text displays in real-time all the messages you have received and allows you to make notes next to the message on the action taken.

Secure and Safe
Secure access to the system means only that staff member can see the text messages, voice messages and online posts from students.

With social media platforms now positively doing their bit to help tackle the bullying epidemic, schools can also make a positive contribution by ensuring students have a way to report bullying, which they feel comfortable with.  In doing so, not only does it protect the young person, but it gives the school the opportunity to deal with the situation more effectively when incidences are reported first hand.


Give the team a call today on 03333 13 14 15 for a free demonstration of Tell By Text.



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