Spotlight on: Customer Engagement Manager

Posted on 28 March 2018 in All news

Our business is all about providing schools with communications apps and systems which are IT-based and ‘virtual’ in that sense.

But it is important that as a company, our schools feel like their service from us is provided by real people!  So, in a new blog series, we’re going to be throwing the spotlight on various staff and roles within Contact Group so schools can get to know us a little bit better!  We’ll be asking a series of questions about work and other more fun stuff to be able to show of the personalities and richness of the mix of people who work at Contact Group.

This week: Spotlight on Paul Hoinville – Customer Relationship Manager


Paul’s pivotal role is all about building strong relationships with our schools, spending much of his time all over the UK visiting schools and cluster groups.  Paul gleans lots of valuable insight and feedback from schools and works closely with the development, sales and customer services teams to ensure we continue to meet customers’ needs and deliver a first class service.


– How long have you worked at Contact Group? Just over 8 Years

– How have things changed during your time at Contact Group, both in the business and the school communications sector overall? Things have changed a great deal – for the better! Schools are putting more and more focus on all areas of education not just exam results. The focus is now more on parental engagement as a whole. A simple text about the school closures just will not cut it.

– What do you enjoy most about your job? Being able to meet many areas of a school faculty and learning what’s important for them in education.

– Which three words would best describe Contact Group? Innovative. Forward-thinking. Family.

– If you could give a school, or Academy one pearl of wisdom, what would it be? Listen and take in feedback on a more frequent basis from all areas of the school. From the canteen to the office… all the way to the PE Dept out on the field. I often hear frustrations that their voice isn’t heard or isn’t as important. Once everyone is on the same page things typically run more smoothly.


And some more fun stuff…

– Do you think you look like anyone famous? I personally don’t but I often get compared to Fatima Whitbread (don’t ask!)

– What’s your strangest talent? I’m an exceptional jumper. Not the item of clothing, the distance you can leap from! I hold several records in my high school to this day!

– What are three things still left on your bucket list? Bungee jump, travel to the Americas and buy a football club!

– What, or who, are you a closet fan of? – Carole King. Don’t care who knows it.

– What’s the oldest thing in your fridge right now? Some cured ham from the previous Christmas.

– Have you ever re-gifted a present? What was it, and to who? No, I’m too selfish to give anything away.


Connect with Paul on his Linkedin or Twitter profiles:

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