Stand Up to Bullying 2018

Posted on 12 June 2018 in All news

Stand Up to Bullying Day is happening on Wednesday 13th June, with organisations, schools and members of the public across the UK once again, coming together to take a collective stand against bullying – whwther in school, the workplace or elsewhere.

Bullying happens. And it hurts. Despite many anti-bullying policies, school assemblies, PHSE lessons, leaflets, drama presentations, and a host of well-meaning interventions at a local level, the sad fact remains that bullying is still a common problem in many UK schools – no matter how much a school may try to deflect or brush issues under the carpet.

That’s why we at Contact Group support the #StandUpToBullying campaign.  Last year the initiative reached over 3 million people with famous faces such as Jessie J, James McVey and numerous MPs joining in.  ‘Standing up’ means being an up-stander, not a bystander. It means calling others out when their actions are unkind, reporting conversations online that don’t look right and creating a community that will speak out and stand up to bullying.


TellbyText (our bullying reporting system) allows young people in schools to do just that:  to report bullying safely, in a way they will receive support.

Why not book a demonstration of TellbyText for your school – and show students, parents and governors that you are taking bullying seriously in your school.