Why Technology ‘Must Be Leveraged’ in Future Education

Posted on 06 April 2016 in All news

There has been much recent discussion about the input of technology in future education and its advantages in the running of schools; the Global Education & Skills Forum (GESF) this year highlighted that technology is only an enabler and must be leveraged to build the capacity of teaching.

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair, speaking at the GESF conference, also called for the greater use of technology alongside a larger range of groups to be involved in running schools. Schools will now need to look to a “long-term” approach to educational planning, adopting technology to effect improved operations, communication and learning facilitation.

The benefits of technology for the teacher of 2030

With the goal of implementing a better educational future, there is a strong focus on the use of technology in the classroom to enhance the face-to-face teaching experience. The GESF conference emphasised that technology will enable classrooms to be lifted from the “19th century”, and its use will improve the quality of education infrastructure.

This makes in-class apps such as Reggie key to this move towards improving the quality and professionalism in the schooling of 2030.

  • Reggie is an electronic register app which allows teachers to get an overview of attendance over a longer period. The app will help with both the planning of teaching activities and the efficiency and quality of the classroom experience for students.


Technology as an enabler

Bidding schools to adopt technology and a more diverse involvement, Blair’s conference statement coincides with the Government’s plan to convert all schools to academies by 2022.

Schools joining the academy chain will still place their day-to-day running with the head teacher or principal, however they will also be overseen by individual charitable bodies. This initiative hopes to offer schools more support, advice and expertise from the charities and trusts, for a more strategic educational running. Taking schools’ budgets away from the control of the local authorities, it’s additionally suggested that schools will have more freedom to innovate.

As a result, school bodies will be able to place more emphasis on the role of technology in shaping a better educational future.

  • OurSchoolsApp is a free app for parents which can keep them up to date with school information, news, calendar events and contact details. The personalised app reaches parents directly, ensuring that schools are engaging with parents comprehensively and are enabling the optimal learning experience.
  • Call Parents is a technology which allows schools to message parents quickly by text or e-mail –it makes engagement a safe and forward-planning process. With the rising population of secondary school children in next few years, apps like these will be instrumental in securing improved communication and building trust between academies and parents.

Technology will have many benefits in enabling teachers, students, parents and educational systems in the future running of schools. The move towards academies and a longer-term strategic approach, means that schools are now ideally placed to integrate apps to work towards the goals pronounced by the GESF, for streamlined management and a better educational experience.

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