The text message is 25 years old!

Posted on 06 February 2018 in All news

What were you doing in Dec 1992?  It might be the year Whitney Houston’s ‘I will always love you’ topped the UK charts for weeks on end, and the year Prince Andrew and Fergie split; but a lesser known fact is that just over 25 years ago, in Dec 1992 the humble text was created!  And you probably had a ‘brick’ phone to send texts with aswell!

Engineer Neil Papworth sent the first SMS on December 3rd, 1992, when he wrote “Merry Christmas” on a computer and sent it to the cellphone of Vodafone director Richard Jarvis. It was a modest beginning, but it has arguably changed technology, and society beyond belief.

It may have taken time for SMS to be universally adopted, and when they first arrived, most people didn’t think they’d catch on. Ten years later, with smartphones having arrived, Brits were sending a billion messages per month. In 2012, British text volume reached its highest point, with 151 billion sent. Messaging was suddenly easy!  The spread of  SMS has had a significant cultural impact, as we now spend more time communicating by text instead of verbally, and our language has evolved into “text-speak.”

There’s no doubt that texting has influenced communication massively since its start in 1992, and now as the first choice for communication for many; it’s clear that SMS has a long-term, healthy future and there is no going back!

Schools are also embracing SMS (and email) as the most effective way of communicating with parents.  When the proportion of adults in the UK who own/use a mobile phone stands at 94% in 2017, paper letters and newsletters have had their day.  Instant messages and updates direct to their phones is what parents want, and need.

Call Parents is robust, reliable and cost effective mass messaging solution that schools all over the UK use to effectively communicate with parents.  Whether it’s to alert parents of snow days, sending reminders of upcoming events or cancelled clubs, Call Parents is a cloud-based solution which can be accessed 24/7 and pulls your school’s data from your MIS, so only one database has to be maintained.

Still not convinced?

Then let us convince you with a 10 minute, online demonstration where we can talk you through the features and benefits of Call Parents.