Top Apps for PE Teachers

Posted on 07 May 2015 in All news

Technology and Apps are modifying teacher’s day to day lives. They can be used to engage students and aid in the production of interesting lessons. Evidently it has allowed students to become more independent in the classroom, they can research anything online and applying their relevant findings, showcasing their analytical skills. The Guardian recently released an article on the top five apps for PE teachers, they include measuring exercises,  online space for student teacher interaction, video playback of your sport, turning images into comic strips for creating how-to guides and analysis of individual movements in sport.

Physical Education teachers are also on the technology journey, they are becoming extremely savvy with all the digital tools available. Reggie® is a mobile application that allows teachers to take the student register, anytime and anywhere. It is perfect for PE Departments or primary schools that do paper or OMR registers. It is simple but does the job perfectly.

The dominant benefit is that you don’t have to be online because the Reggie® app offers both online and offline modes. This allows data to be held in the device and transmitted to SIMS whenever you wish, perfect for sports and physical education lessons. It requires logins using a username, password and school ID with data transmission fully SSL-encrypted and PIN for easy access once logged in to ensure full security.

Mark Smith, Headteacher at The Friary School, Lichfield uses Reggie®.

“We had been looking for a registration app for a while when we found out about Reggie®. We’ve had it for three months now and it’s been invaluable for our PE teachers as they are often based in various locations such as the leisure centre, changing rooms or out on a field when they need to take a register. It is much easier for them to carry their phone or iPod, allowing them to quickly take the register wherever, and then get on with the lesson. We are looking to increase the amount of users who can access Reggie® in the near future as we feel it would benefit other departments due to its simplicity and cost.”



Blog post by Amelia Watson