Truancy Call at Hillocks Primary School

Posted on 05 March 2015 in All news

QA Education have published an article that explains how Hillocks Primary School have used our Truancy Call software to improve pupil attendance.

They have improved attendance from 92% (below the National Expectation of 95%) to 96% with a range of strategies and policies to engage with the hard to reach parents. These included rewards, prizes and certificates for good attendance.

A benefit of the Truancy Call software that was put to good effect was the texting (SMS) function. This allowed the school to contact parents who didn’t have or didn’t use email, via text. They also value the fact that The system informs the school when the parents have received the text, preventing wasted effort chasing parents.

The school state that the community is much more aware that attendance is a key priority and that it is important from a learning perspective that children are in school every day. Attendance has improved and everyone understands that as a result of this children’s performance will also improve.

QA Education Article