Unannounced Behaviour Inspections by Ofsted

Posted on 03 March 2015 in All news

Education Magazine has published an article by Stephen Clarke, Managing Director of Contact Group, in about the recent announcement from Ofsted earlier this year to conduct impromptu behaviour inspections in schools deemed a ‘cause for concern’ by Ofsted itself, parents, the local authority and as a result of reports on exclusions or attendance.

It cites research conducted by Angela Jean Hammang of Montana University, where she found that where seating charts were in effect, teachers are twice as successful at reaching students and the attainment of lower ability students is doubled. Our product Class Charts provides data rich seating charts and streamlined behaviour management. Collaboration with other teachers is available to allow working together as a team to tackle behaviour. Seating charts help organise students into appropriate learning groups and minimise behaviour issues – the class teacher asserts their authority before the lesson even begins. Seating plans created in Class Charts are also a behaviour management tool which can be used collaboratively with colleagues to track and analyse student behaviour / achievement over time.

Ofsted will observe pupils’ behaviour throughout the day, this will include informal discussions with pupils, at least one formal discussion with a group of pupils whose behaviour the school has helped to improve over time, any system of ‘internal exclusion’ the school uses to manage behaviour, scrutiny of documentary evidence and discussions with leaders and staff.

Pupils’ views about behaviour and bullying will also be considered, these can be significantly improved with the adoption of our bully reporting system product –Text Someone . Text Someone encourages young people to report incidents of bullying and anti-social behaviour directly to schools. Students can text, go online or call 24/7, with the option to upload images as evidence. Whenever a student reports an incident, it automatically appears on Text Someone and the school is alerted to this. The student will receive automatic confirmation back to them to confirm receipt of their message.