‘The worst schools disruption in a generation…’

Posted on 05 March 2018 in All news

How did your school deal with the most widespread snow disruption in a generation?


Ask any child who was off school last week on a snow day and they’ll tell you it was ‘fantastic fun!’  As many of us return to school and work today, we do so with a lot of catching up to do, following a week disrupted by wintry weather.

Last week’s cold spell was more significant than most, with the ‘Beast from the East’ and Storm Emma combining to produce what some claim were the ‘coldest temperatures for 27 years‘.  Widespread snowfall over 20cm deep, and icy plunging temperatures of -12 degrees claimed several lives across the UK last week, as the Met Office issued its first ever red alert for snow and ice in the UK – suggesting the weather may present a danger to life.  Schools in most areas were affected, with thousands taking the difficult decision to close for at least one day to ensure student safety.

The Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) called this the ‘worst widespread snow disruption in a generation’, so how did your school deal with icy blast and what would you do differently next time?  Obviously, no one can change the weather, or take away the responsibility of head teachers to decide whether to keep a school open in adverse conditions; however what can be addressed, is how quickly and easily you are able to contact parents to keep them informed of school closures.

When you need to inform parents quickly and in huge numbers, the best way to do this is via an automated system, like our Call Parents product, that integrates with your school’s main MIS system and enables you to contact all parents, or certain groups of parents with one click. Simply input your message about school closure and in seconds it will be sent to all selected parents on your database.  On Thursday alone last week we sent over 1 million messages on behalf of schools to parents which contained the words ‘snow’ closed’ or ‘weather’.  Call Parents is robust, reliable and can handle huge volumes of messages.

The earlier you can get the message out to parents, the less chance there is that children will set out to school in treacherous conditions, plus it is gives parents plenty of time to sort out childcare provision, and leave from work where required.

We can’t promise that last week was the last icy spell this winter, but we can make life easier for your school during adverse weather conditions. To find out more about Call Parents and all of the other fantastic features you can integrate into this system such as Text Message In, Payments and Parents Evening Booking, please contact our team on 03333 131415 or click here to request a free 10 minute online demo.

Prepare now – don’t get caught out if another snow spell comes!