Wonder: An uplifting tear-jerker with a serious anti-bullying theme

Posted on 13 March 2018 in bullying

Millions of children the world over will have enjoyed reading RJ Palacio’s novel ‘Wonder‘ either on their school curriculum, or for pleasure.  The blockbuster film was released  in Autumn 2017 and is due for DVD release at the end of March.

The main character is Auggie, a 10-year-old born with a rare genetic condition that makes him look different. When the film begins, he’s been entirely home-schooled by his parents (Owen Wilson and Julia Roberts), and escapes the name-calling and cruel stares from other kids by wearing an astronaut’s helmet.

“Please let them be nice to him!”, says his mum as she leaves him at the school gate on his first day in middle school, and his parents reluctantly take the helmet away. Of course, being children, his school mates can’t help but stare and taunt and bully at first. But the story is all about how Auggie wins over those around him who begin to see past the surface and admire his courage for facing the world.

The film is a real tearjerker, but it also does address the very serious problem of bullying.  Bullying happens in schools – it’s a fact.

As an associated member of the Anti-bullying Alliance, and through our Tell By Text bullying reporting system, want to help schools tackle bullying effectively; and more importantly, we want young people who are being bullied at school to have a way of reporting bullying safely.

Words can be so cruel.  And often young people can find it so difficult to use words to talk about bullying, because of fear.  When research shows that bullying is still rife in schools and in 2017, 1.5 million young people in UK experienced bullying, with half of them never telling anyone through fear, embarrassment or lack of faith from support systems (source: http://ditchthelabel.org), schools need to embrace effective reporting systems which are designed to turn the perpetrator of much bullying – the mobile phone – into the very means by which pupils can report bullying safely.


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