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We need to talk about… school absence

Posted: 04/01/19

According to the Department for Education, the overall absence rate has increased from 4.5% to 4.7% in the past two years, with one in 10 absent school children classed as persistently absent. With absence rates on the rise, the subject of attendance remains a hot topic on parents’ evening, in the school office and during […]

Wonder: An uplifting tear-jerker with a serious anti-bullying theme

Posted: 13/03/18

Millions of children the world over will have enjoyed reading RJ Palacio’s novel ‘Wonder‘ either on their school curriculum, or for pleasure.  The blockbuster film was released  in Autumn 2017 and is due for DVD release at the end of March. The main character is Auggie, a 10-year-old born with a rare genetic condition that […]

Proud to be an Associated Member of Anti-Bullying Alliance

Posted: 28/02/18

  We’re delighted to have renewed our membership of the Anti-Bullying Alliance (ABA) – a united group of organisations and individuals whose vision it is to stop bullying and create safer environments in which children and young people can live, grow, play and learn. ABA’s objectives: – To raise the profile of bullying and the effect it has […]

Bullying in schools is still rife

Posted: 29/01/18

According to this recent Guardian article, bullying in schools in the UK is still rife. Bullying happens.  And it hurts.  Despite many anti-bullying policies, school assemblies, PHSE lessons, leaflets, drama presentations, and a host of well-meaning interventions at a local level, the sad fact remains that bullying is still a common problem in many UK schools […]

Reporting Bullying in schools – who do young people confide in?

Posted: 16/10/17

Facebook announced this week that it is offering every UK high school an Anti-Bullying Ambassador as part of its anti-bullying strategy.  Up to 4,500 schools could benefit from the programme, with thousands of teenagers trained as ambassadors.  “These students [ambassadors] in schools will help give their peers the tools they need to stay safe and tackle issues such […]

Modern Children Under Pressure: What can Schools Do to Help?

Posted: 03/02/16

Britain’s children are not a happy bunch.  In a recent report by the Children’s Society, ten to twelve-year-olds in the UK were ranked 14th out of 15 nations for happiness.  What is it, then, that is making our youngsters so unhappy?  Many charities and organisations put the blame down to fears and worries that simply […]

Mobile Phones: When are they useful for Children?

Posted: 15/12/15

As we approach Christmas, many parents will be toying with the idea of buying their children a mobile phone.  This is generally considered to be a difficult decision as on the one hand parents want their children to remain safe and be able to keep in touch, but on the other, having a phone gives […]