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Looking out for looked after children

Posted: 23/04/19

With just 6% of care leavers  aged between 19 and 21 progressing to higher education, it’s time we saw action to provide better opportunities for looked after children. Earlier this month, ministers called on universities across the country to do more to encourage those leaving care to remain in higher education – from providing personal […]

Modern technology to support Looked After Children

Posted: 12/12/18

The number of children entering care is increasing, with 90 young people entering the system every day. We know that children in care face greater risks than their counterparts. Looked after children are vulnerable to mental health issues, exploitation and homelessness; they are also more likely to miss out on vital education. It is up […]

Why Looked After Children Deserve A Better Deal

Posted: 19/09/18

With over 70,000 children in care in England alone, it is shocking to see in a recent Social Market Foundation report1 that a staggering 63% of local authorities have been reported as “inadequate” and “require improvement” on the services they provide for looked after children. Within these statistics, 13,790 children are under care services which […]

Looked After Children more likely to be excluded from school

Posted: 29/03/18

The Department for Education recently released some figures that may or may not surprise you.  According to their statistics, looked after children are five times more likely to be temporarily excluded from school than pupils overall. The statistics show that 11.44% of looked after children had at least one fixed exclusion in 2016, compared with […]

Why and How Should We Monitor School Children in Care?

Posted: 24/08/16

A ‘looked after child’ is a child who is looked after by their local authority, also known as a ‘child in care’. This could mean being placed in a children’s home, living with foster parents, with their parents under the supervision of social services or within another residential setting such as a school or secure […]