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Roadmap to attendance success

Posted: 25/02/19

Schools across the country are trying all sorts of motivational methods to encourage students to get to school on time. Guaranteeing full classrooms by the time the bell rings isn’t easy and a one-size fits all solution simply doesn’t exist! Instead, research suggests that a mix of strategies for improving attendance and punctuality is often […]

We need to talk about… school absence

Posted: 04/01/19

According to the Department for Education, the overall absence rate has increased from 4.5% to 4.7% in the past two years, with one in 10 absent school children classed as persistently absent. With absence rates on the rise, the subject of attendance remains a hot topic on parents’ evening, in the school office and during […]

Modern technology to support Looked After Children

Posted: 12/12/18

The number of children entering care is increasing, with 90 young people entering the system every day. We know that children in care face greater risks than their counterparts. Looked after children are vulnerable to mental health issues, exploitation and homelessness; they are also more likely to miss out on vital education. It is up […]

‘The worst schools disruption in a generation…’

Posted: 05/03/18

How did your school deal with the most widespread snow disruption in a generation?   Ask any child who was off school last week on a snow day and they’ll tell you it was ‘fantastic fun!’  As many of us return to school and work today, we do so with a lot of catching up […]

5 Top Tips for a Great Parents’ Evening

Posted: 06/12/17

When you’ve got books to mark and lessons to plan, thinking about an upcoming parents’ evening can be stressful. That’s why planning ahead and making sure you’re organised is key to a smooth-running event that doesn’t leave you tearing your hair out. At Contact Group, we recognise that there are certain things that can help […]

School Trips: Challenging but Necessary

Posted: 09/11/17

A well-rounded education has long been heralded by parents and teachers as the best recipe for learning and school trips are certainly an important part of this.  Whether it is indoors or outdoors, around the corner or overseas, for one day or a week, a school trip is something that supports children in their overall […]

How OurSchoolsApp can help fundraising for your school

Posted: 10/10/17

Recent news reports have highlighted the funding issues faced by schools and colleges across the United Kingdom and the significance that additional ‘self-financing’ plays for modern day educational facilities. This worrying state of affairs means that successful fundraising is more important than ever in helping to maintain the satisfactory running of schools. But fundraising events […]

Are you Ready to Make your School Cashless?

Posted: 07/09/17

As technology advances, the move towards a cashless society is becoming ever more real. With children now being given their pocket money electronically through cashless cards and apps, and an increasing number of adults using contactless payments, the onus is on organisations like schools to provide stress-free, easy options when it comes to paying for […]

How Parent-School Communications are Changing

Posted: 08/06/17

Back in the day, when many of us were enjoying our school years, the only contact parents had with teachers was at parent’s evening.  This once-a-year, or bi-annual meeting would sometimes be topped up with a more casual chat at the annual school sports day, prom or concert.  Whatever the occasions, the point is, that […]

School Payment System now available within Call Parents

Posted: 15/05/17

We are delighted to announce that our Call Parents communication product now features a facility for online payments. This enables you to move to a safer, cashless school payment system where you can easily keep track of what is owed and by whom. From the Call Parents parental engagement platform, you can easily send requests […]

Parents Want More Say So Improve Your School Comms

Posted: 09/02/17

Parents are not being considered enough when it comes to their children’s education.  That is the message from the recent PTA UK survey, which questioned parents about their involvement with their youngsters’ schools. Eight out of ten parents wanted to be consulted more, with bullying and the cost of school trips topping the list of […]

Contact Group Prepare Young People for the World of Work

Posted: 19/01/17

Contact Group are delighted to be involved in a local enterprise project to inspire and prepare young people for their future employment. Customer Engagement Manager, Paul Hoinville, is one of a national network of Enterprise Advisers volunteering their time and expertise to make it easier for schools to connect with local employers. Advisers involved in […]

Contact Group Shortlisted for The Bett Awards 2017

Posted: 08/12/16

We are delighted to announce that Contact Group has been shortlisted for The Bett Awards 2017, in the ICT Company of the Year category. Recognised as one of the industry’s leading accolades, winning a Bett Award is high on the wish list of all companies promoting innovative educational tools and resources.   Each year, the awards […]

Our Widnes Open Day is a Huge Success

Posted: 08/11/16

We were excited to mark the one year anniversary of our new Widnes office last week by holding a celebratory Open Day. We wanted to give everyone the opportunity to meet us and find out what we do whilst at the same time raising some funds for a cause close to all our hearts – […]

Celebrating 2016 with our Widnes Open day

Posted: 16/09/16

Next month, following on from our sponsored Sky Dive, we’ll be celebrating our first year at the Widnes office with a very special Open Day. On Friday October 28th our staff will be opening the doors to you between 11 am and 1pm. We have lots of exciting things planned for the event and a […]

Why and How Should We Monitor School Children in Care?

Posted: 24/08/16

A ‘looked after child’ is a child who is looked after by their local authority, also known as a ‘child in care’. This could mean being placed in a children’s home, living with foster parents, with their parents under the supervision of social services or within another residential setting such as a school or secure […]

New Managing Director Joins Market Leading Technology and Communication Provider

Posted: 20/05/16

Contact Group, one of the UK’s leading providers of communication technology and data services has announced James Harrison as its new Managing Director. With offices in Birmingham and Widnes, Contact Group specialise in providing technology solutions for education institutions throughout the UK and Ireland, enabling them to contact parents and send messages immediately with the […]

Contact Group Spring Newsletter

Posted: 17/02/16

Have you read our Spring 2016 Newsletter?  If not you might have missed out on our latest news including the acquirement of new Local Authority business for our popular Looked After Call product and the announcement of our nominated charity for 2016. Stay up to date with our latest news by reading our Spring 2016 Newsletter and if […]

Contact Group Announce The Who Cares? Trust as their Choice of Company Charity for 2016

Posted: 13/01/16

Contact Group are delighted to announce our choice of company charity for 2016 – The Who Cares? Trust, the leading charity for making a difference to the lives and outcomes of children in care. They support and empower children in care and young care leavers through their engagement programme, including running life skills workshops for […]

Visit us at the Bett Show this January

Posted: 07/01/16

We’re delighted to announce that we will be exhibiting at this year’s Bett Show in London. This annual event is the ideal opportunity for us to showcase our range of class communication and school data products and meet with other industry experts to discover what new technologies are just around the corner. If you are planning […]

Trafford Council

Posted: 09/09/15

We are delighted to announce another new contract for the Looked After Call (LAC) team. Trafford Council have chosen LAC to monitor the attendance and assessment progress of their 220 looked after children.

Warwickshire County Council

Posted: 06/08/15

The good news continues for Looked After Call – another brand new contract. We have been selected to monitor Warwickshire County Council’s looked after children throughout the UK.

London Borough of Redbridge

Posted: 27/07/15

The good news continues for Looked After Call – another brand new contract award. After a tendering process we have been selected to monitor London Borough of Redbridge’s looked after children throughout the UK. We look forward to providing the high level of service that is resulting in the incredible growth of this system.  

London Borough of Barking and Dagenham.

Posted: 23/07/15

More great news for Looked After Call – another brand new contract award. We have been selected to monitor London Borough of Barking and Dagenham’s looked after children throughout the UK. We look forward to them enjoying the high level of service that is resulting in the incredible growth of this system.  

South Gloucestershire Council

Posted: 22/07/15

More clients continue to join us in the West Country. South Gloucestershire Council decide on Looked After Call to monitor their Looked After Children and work with their internal data team to ensure a complete picture of their Virtual School roll, whether placed in our out of area.  

Education Technology Press

Posted: 21/07/15

Education Today featured Contact Group in their article on parental engagement. Calling the shots – Eskdale Academy improves parental engagement with Call Parents. To take a read please click here.

Academy Today Press

Posted: 20/07/15

Academy Today have featured Contact Group in their ‘Calling the shots’ article. Please click here to read more: Eskdale Academy improves parental engagement with Call Parents software.

Contact Group have been shortlisted for the Education Investor Awards 2015

Posted: 17/07/15

We have been shortlisted for the Technological Infrastructure Award for our Looked After Call product. Looked After Call (LAC) was developed to help Local Authorities and to replace costly manual solutions, LAC draws data directly from each schools’ Management Information System (MIS). Local Authorities can now easily see this critical data for each of their […]

Hartlepool Post Press

Posted: 08/07/15

Eskdale Academy improves parental engagement with Call Parents Eskdale Academy in Eskdale Road, Hartlepool is taking a proactive approach to improving communication with parents by installing Call Parents ( www.callparents.com ), from Contact Group, the leading provider of communication systems for schools which facilitates two-way communication between schools and parents. Call Parents allows school staff to send […]

Local Authorities are under increased pressure.

Posted: 16/03/15

The Education magazine has published an article by Stephen Clarke, Managing Director, Contact Group, on the increased pressure being put upon Local Authorities to close the attainment and progress gap between looked after children and their peers, to create a culture of high aspirations, promoting their educational achievements and provide them with access to a […]

Effective communication with parents

Posted: 16/03/15

Education Technology magazine have published an article by the Headteacher of St Mary’s Primary School, Mary Harbinson, explaining how she installed our Call Parents product to improve school – home communications. They had a website, ran parents evenings and also ran a parent club but they felt that they could do more. They setup a […]

Truancy Call at Hillocks Primary School

Posted: 05/03/15

QA Education have published an article that explains how Hillocks Primary School have used our Truancy Call software to improve pupil attendance. They have improved attendance from 92% (below the National Expectation of 95%) to 96% with a range of strategies and policies to engage with the hard to reach parents. These included rewards, prizes […]

1 in 3 children are bullied

Posted: 06/02/15

In a new report from the Anti-Bullying Alliance, 1 in 3 children suffer from bullying. Sometimes there isn’t even a reason as to why someone bullies another. It could be jealousy, insecurity, religion, popularity and even the type of background. Bullies may seem confident but they actually feel inferior to others, thus causing them to […]

Improving Outcomes for Looked After Children Conference

Posted: 03/02/15

Lisa and Martyn from our Looked After Call Team attended the Capita ‘Improving Outcomes for Looked After Children’ conference on the 30th January. With the rising number and the increasing cost of children in or returning to care, our National Improving Outcomes for Looked After Children Conference is aptly timed to examine the provision of […]

Contact Group at BETT 2015

Posted: 26/01/15

We have just returned from our stand at the BETT 2015 exhibition. BETT is the world’s leading learning technology event and has been bringing innovation and inspiration to the education sector for over 30 years. The event attracts +35,000 professionals within the industry and has been celebrated for over 30 years. We were showcasing all […]

The Virtual Head Teachers’ National Conference

Posted: 16/01/15

Lisa, Mark and Martyn from our LAC Team attended the Virtual Head Teachers’ Conference in Manchester on January 15th 2015 to show our Looked After Call product to the attendees. Looked After Call monitors looked after children’s attendance and assessment progress, both in and out of area. Using our calling team and automatic data collection, […]

Happy “Christmas You, Christmas Me” from Contact Group

Posted: 02/12/14

Contact Group are proud to be supporting the new Christmas single “Christmas You, Christmas Me,” fundraising in aid of MS-UK and the Alder Hay Children’s Charity. All proceeds will go to these charities. Anything your school or organisation can do to help this fundraising by promoting this song would be greatly appreciated by Contact Group […]

Contact Group is a finalist in the BETT 2015 Awards – ICT Company of the Year (between £1-10m turnover).

Posted: 10/11/14

Contact Group, leading provider of communication, payment and data services for schools and local authorities, has been shortlisted as a finalist in the BETT 2015 Awards – ICT Company of the Year – Between £1m and 10m Turnover. Considered by many as the most esteemed accolade in the industry, the Bett Awards provide a showcase […]

Looked After Call product helps Virtual School Heads in LAs meet requirements of DfE directive, promoting the education of Looked After Children

Posted: 30/10/14

eLearningNews.net has published an article showing how the Ofsted-ready assessment reports on looked after children (LACs) can be accessed in real-time by Virtual School Heads (VSH) in local authorities using Looked After Call from Contact Group – a management information system (MIS) for monitoring looked after children which now features a brand new Assessment Module. […]

Ofsted-ready assessment reports from Contact Group help Virtual School Heads in LAs meet requirements of DfE directive promoting the education of Looked After Children

Posted: 23/10/14

Dash.com has posted an article on how the Contact Group’s Looked After Call software now has Ofsted-ready assessment reports which help Virtual School Heads in LAs meet requirements of DfE directive promoting the education of Looked After Children; http://www.24dash.com/news/education/2014-10-21-Ofsted-ready-assessment-reports-from-Contact-Group-help-Virtual-School-Heads-in-LAs-meet-requirements-of-DfE-directive-promoting-the-education-of-Looked-After-Children Ofsted-ready assessment reports on looked after children (LACs) can be accessed in real-time by Virtual School […]

John Roberts shares his views on how schools can drive positive behaviour in the classroom using a reward system

Posted: 22/10/14

Education Technology has published John Robert’s blog on Reward System and driving positive behaviour. Ofsted’s recent report entitled Below the radar: low-level disruption in the country’s classrooms, stated that, “Too many school leaders, especially in secondary schools, underestimate the prevalence and negative impact of low-level disruptive behaviour and some fail to identify or tackle it […]

GSD win Gold Stevie award for Reggie App.

Posted: 20/10/14

Congratulations to GSD, who won a Gold Stevie award for their Reggie App which we sell. The Stevie® Awards are the world’s premier business awards. They were created in 2002 to honour and generate public recognition of the achievements and positive contributions of organizations and working professionals worldwide. More than 3,500 nominations from organizations in […]

Ealing Council now using Looked After Call

Posted: 30/09/14

Ealing is another local authority who have started using Looked After Call to monitor its 200 children who are in care, both in and out of the area. The virtual school head is able to view reports on attendance and assessment, which is updated daily, so they know they have the latest information to hand. […]

Medway Council chooses Looked After Call

Posted: 30/09/14

Medway Council has recently chosen Looked After Call to help with the monitoring of over 220 children in 115 schools both in and out of area. Virtual School Head Betty Earl, from Medway Council, required a solution that gave real time attendance and assessment, while reducing the burden on schools to respond and ensuring data security was […]

Contact Group is a finalist in the Education Investor Awards 2014

Posted: 26/08/14

Once again, Contact Group has been selected as a finalist for the Education Investor Awards in the Technological Infrastructure category.