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How OurSchoolsApp can help fundraising for your school

Posted: 10/10/17

Recent news reports have highlighted the funding issues faced by schools and colleges across the United Kingdom and the significance that additional ‘self-financing’ plays for modern day educational facilities. This worrying state of affairs means that successful fundraising is more important than ever in helping to maintain the satisfactory running of schools. But fundraising events […]

Improving Communication at your Nursery

Posted: 09/08/17

We talk a lot about the ways in which our products can support schools to improve communications and engage more efficiently with parents, staff and students, but there are also huge benefits to be reaped by nurseries. Nursery schools provide vital early years care, that if not available would mean many parents could not return […]

How Parent-School Communications are Changing

Posted: 08/06/17

Back in the day, when many of us were enjoying our school years, the only contact parents had with teachers was at parent’s evening.  This once-a-year, or bi-annual meeting would sometimes be topped up with a more casual chat at the annual school sports day, prom or concert.  Whatever the occasions, the point is, that […]

School Payment System now available within Call Parents

Posted: 15/05/17

We are delighted to announce that our Call Parents communication product now features a facility for online payments. This enables you to move to a safer, cashless school payment system where you can easily keep track of what is owed and by whom. From the Call Parents parental engagement platform, you can easily send requests […]

Contact Group Prepare Young People for the World of Work

Posted: 19/01/17

Contact Group are delighted to be involved in a local enterprise project to inspire and prepare young people for their future employment. Customer Engagement Manager, Paul Hoinville, is one of a national network of Enterprise Advisers volunteering their time and expertise to make it easier for schools to connect with local employers. Advisers involved in […]

Why the Summer Term Is the Ideal Time to Demo Our Products

Posted: 06/07/16

With the summer term about to come to an end, there is no time like the present for schools to review their class communication and data services. Whilst the start of the autumn term seems a long way away, the time will soon come around so it’s essential to make sure all new communication systems […]

Why Technology ‘Must Be Leveraged’ in Future Education

Posted: 06/04/16

There has been much recent discussion about the input of technology in future education and its advantages in the running of schools; the Global Education & Skills Forum (GESF) this year highlighted that technology is only an enabler and must be leveraged to build the capacity of teaching. Former Prime Minister Tony Blair, speaking at […]

Bridging the Gap: Why Schools, Parents and Pupils need to Communicate Effectively

Posted: 16/03/16

Schools have diverse audiences to communicate with – from parents and pupils to governors and members of the local community. All of these audiences will have different needs but by tailoring the message to each audience and keeping everyone up to date, education as a whole can progress. Most people will agree that children perform […]