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Modern technology to support Looked After Children

Posted: 12/12/18

The number of children entering care is increasing, with 90 young people entering the system every day. We know that children in care face greater risks than their counterparts. Looked after children are vulnerable to mental health issues, exploitation and homelessness; they are also more likely to miss out on vital education. It is up […]

Let’s talk truancy…

Posted: 28/11/18

Last month, a Manchester based Co-op school hit the BBC News headlines for its radical transformation from struggling school, with one of the worst truancy records in the UK, to a school in the top 1% for attendance. The principal, Steve Brice, stated a radical improvement on attendance was a key part of turning the […]

Back to School – Why Attendance Matters

Posted: 23/08/18

Truancy is a significant problem in British schools with a growing number of pupils partially attending or completely missing lessons at a vital stage of their educational development. This widespread issue was brought into greater scrutiny when recent reports suggested that truancy levels are rising and capable of ‘holding back’ the performance of UK schools […]