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Roadmap to attendance success

Posted: 25/02/19

Schools across the country are trying all sorts of motivational methods to encourage students to get to school on time. Guaranteeing full classrooms by the time the bell rings isn’t easy and a one-size fits all solution simply doesn’t exist! Instead, research suggests that a mix of strategies for improving attendance and punctuality is often […]

We need to talk about… school absence

Posted: 04/01/19

According to the Department for Education, the overall absence rate has increased from 4.5% to 4.7% in the past two years, with one in 10 absent school children classed as persistently absent. With absence rates on the rise, the subject of attendance remains a hot topic on parents’ evening, in the school office and during […]

Modern technology to support Looked After Children

Posted: 12/12/18

The number of children entering care is increasing, with 90 young people entering the system every day. We know that children in care face greater risks than their counterparts. Looked after children are vulnerable to mental health issues, exploitation and homelessness; they are also more likely to miss out on vital education. It is up […]

Tackling truancy

Posted: 28/11/18

Last month, a Manchester based Co-op school hit the BBC News headlines for its radical transformation from struggling school, with one of the worst truancy records in the UK, to a school in the top 1% for attendance. The principal, Steve Brice, stated a radical improvement on attendance was a key part of turning the […]

Is Fining Parents the Answer to Schools Absence?

Posted: 05/06/18

Schools absence is a big issue.  In 2017, it was revealed that the overall pupil absence rate in the UK was 4.5%.  One in ten of these pupils were classed as ‘persistently absent’, with students citing anxiety and depression amongst the reasons why they skip lessons.  Whilst it could be said that the child’s education […]

A Million Missed Lessons: How to Reduce Unauthorised Absence

Posted: 11/04/17

If you like to keep up on the latest news and current affairs, then the recent press for term time holidays and truancy will probably not have escaped you.  Schools are under increasing pressure to produce results, yet one of their biggest problems is getting children to school in the first place. According to government […]

The Great Truancy Divide and How to Reduce Absenteeism in Your School

Posted: 10/05/16

Figures released recently revealed that truancy is more prevalent in areas of Northern England than in the South, with children from some deprived northern cities missing up to 3 days of school each without permission last year.  Whilst illness accounts for the majority of authorised and unauthorised absences, lateness and religious holidays were also cited […]