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When it comes to parental engagement, where does being in a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) fit in?

We understand that collating information across a number of schools can be challenging to say the least.  MATs are also under increasing pressure to improve efficiencies and standards – in all areas.

Call Parents can provide you with a web-based platform where you can see all your schools’ messaging activity at an aggregate level – so no more collating separate bills, saving you time and money. Whether it’s an off the shelf solution or a customised package you’re looking for, our communications solutions come with the following benefits:

  • Flexibility – you can choose whether to operate the system at MAT Senior Leader level, or at individual academy level.  This includes log-ins, access, permissions and day-to-day administration.
  • Volume discounts – If everyone joins the club, everyone reaps the benefits!  By taking our solutions at a MAT level, you can save cost, and best practice can be shared across all academies.
  • Better communication – Where you have high pupil movement between academies, it will enable good communication directly with parents. Whether it’s SMS, email, voice calling, push notifications via an app – we have a suite of communications products to meet your needs.
  • Integrated System – If you don’t take all the available features within our system initially, you can add this functionality in at any stage in the future if your requirements change.

How Contact Group can help you:

At Contact Group, we recognise that no one size fits all, so we have a dedicated team who will work with your Trust to ensure that you get the best package.  We won’t just leave you there either – we will provide you with ongoing support to maximise the benefits of our systems in your MAT.  As part of our commitment to providing you with a customised package, we will:

  • Discuss your MAT’s requirements and recommend the best solution for you
  • Provide a quote and contract for your services (volume discounts may apply)
  • Give any demonstrations (both in person and remotely) to any colleagues in any academies who need training
  • Set up all user access and log ins – across all sites (single sign on for multi products)
  • Regularly inform you of any changes to your service, including any new releases/features within the products
  • Provide you with your own, dedicated MAT Account Manager within Contact Group


Data Call:

Our Data Call product provides you with the data your Trust needs, to monitor pupil performance across all Academies.  If you’re currently relying on spreadsheets or .csv uploads, let Data Call do all this for you!  For more information, download our Data Call for MATs brochure.

Interested in Knowing More?

Why not call us for a chat.  We can talk about the scope and dynamics of your MAT and propose the best solution for you.  Give the team a call now on 03333 13 14 15 and we’d be delighted to help.