How OurSchoolsApp can help fundraising for your school

Posted on 10 October 2017 in Our news

Recent news reports have highlighted the funding issues faced by schools and colleges across the United Kingdom and the significance that additional ‘self-financing’ plays for modern day educational facilities.

This worrying state of affairs means that successful fundraising is more important than ever in helping to maintain the satisfactory running of schools.

But fundraising events are often difficult to publicise and support as they are highly dependent on a reliable route of communication between school and parents.

Traditionally information about such events would be sent to parents via word of mouth or through letters sent home with pupils, but these methods often result in messages being forgotten until the last minute, or worse still, found in the bottom of a rucksack weeks after the event took place!

A practical, modern day solution comes in the form of our OurSchoolsApp (OSA), a free smartphone app for parents which helps to keep them updated with information, news and calendar events from their child’s school, including fundraising dates and requirements!

Parents can be sent direct messages to their phones advising them of forthcoming fundraising initiatives and how they can get involved. So whether the school needs a contribution for non-uniform day to raise money for supplies, or cakes for a bake sale to help run an educational trip for pupils, you can let them know instantly and even send handy reminders!

using an app to set up a bake sale for your school

OurSchoolsApp is easy to update and amend, but if you are short of time you can also take advantage of our managed service.  We’ll take care of updating your app on a weekly basis, so parents continue to get all the information they need, in a timely manner.

At the Contact Group we provide a range of solutions that cover parental communication and payment, school attendance, looked after children, anti-bullying systems, and personalised apps.

In addition, with trusted partners we provide registration and lesson planning apps for teachers.

To find out more about how we can help you to communicate with parents and pupils, or how our products can support fundraising for your school, please contact our friendly team on 03333 13 14 15, where they can give you a free, online demonstration of any of our products.