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It’s a fact: Schools have increasing pressures placed on them from OFSTED, parents’ expectations, budget cuts and more.   Running any busy school is an ongoing challenge – as is keeping parents informed along the way.

Getting communication right in a school is vitally important, because when parents are involved in their child’s education, children achieve more.

Our range of communications products (below) bridge the communication gap between schools and parents -whether it’s general messaging, payments, monitoring attendance or giving parents their children’s school’s own App.

Payments which sits within our Call Parents platform, is a school online payments collection system – guaranteed to save your school hours of administrative time, helping you move to a cashless environment.

Send requests for, and collect payments from parents for trips, school events and fundraisers, uniform, breakfast and after school clubs and more. With the ability to target specific class/year group parents, there’s no need to send letters asking for money, and no need for office staff to chase outstanding payments.

Easier for School – Easier for Parents

Less cash on site… Fewer trips to the bank!


Payments Product features:

  • Parents receive a receipt for every payment
  • Issue refunds – hassle-free! (e.g. a child can no longer attend a trip)
  • Customise payment requests (by class or year groups)
  • Detailed reporting, statistics and  analytics – see what has been paid, and what is outstanding – by parent, class, or year group.
  • Unlimited technical support
  • Multiple  bank  accounts  can  be  nominated  to  pay  money  into (e.g. if you have payments going to your LA as well as your school).

Call Parents can help send messages quickly, saving time, effort and money. Send a message via text or e-mail to parents, teachers and students with a few simple clicks.

Schools are increasingly looking to engage with parents more effectively, and electronic messaging is the best place to start.  Printing off paper letters is quickly becoming a thing of the past, as it’s not only costly, but letters are often lost or left at the bottom of the school bag!

Call Parents sends either an SMS or email – direct from your school to parents.  You can compose your message in seconds, (and you’re not limited to 130 characters per message!) and send it to an individual, or group of parents.  It’s ideal for fast updates about school closures or incidents, and is handy for those last minute reminders about non-uniform days or cancelled clubs.

Call Parents dynamically integrates with all the main MIS in the UK so you don’t have to keep multiple databases updated.

Hear what one Headteacher who has Call Parents says about how it has significantly improved communication in his school>>


Why not take advantage of the additional features available within the Call Parents system – Text Message In and Payments

Text Message In (TMI)

Do inbound calls each day from parents pull you away from other important tasks?  TMI is the quicker, and more convenient way for parents to get in touch with your school.  Rather than lots of telephone calls from parents to the school office each day, did you know your parents could have a dedicated number to text in to school – to report absence, incidents or ask a question?

  • Allows parents to communicate directly with your school via text message, 24 hours a day, with the cost of texting met by the parent.
  • Matches up to student and parent record if available.
  • Monitor texts on any device or desktop computer using your own, personalised log in details.
  • Reply to parents via TMI



Helping schools move towards a  cashless  environment; Payments has the following features:

  • Send targeted payment requests directly to parents (e.g. for school trips, dinner money, after school clubs etc)
  • Issue refunds – hassle-free! (e.g. a child can no longer attend a trip)
  • Send  customised payment requests (by class or year groups)
  • Detailed reporting,  statistics  and  analytics – see what has been paid, and what is outstanding – by parent, class, or year group
  • Unlimited technical support
  • Multiple  bank  accounts  can  be  nominated  to  pay  money  into (e.g. if  you  have  some  payments   going  to  your  Local  Authority  as  well  as  your  school.

With Capita SIMS, Call Parents is the only system of its kind to have gained Premier Partner status.

OurSchoolsApp (OSA) is a free app for your parents, which keeps them updated with information, news, calendar events and contact information.

OSA allows your parents to get timely updates from their child’s school – direct to their phone.  When the average user picks up their smart phone 221 times a day*, and 76% of UK adults have a smartphone**, communicating with parents on their phone is by far the most effective.  Anything else is old school!

OurSchoolsApp features:

  • All your links in one place – one point of reference for parents
  • Easy to Update and Amend  – use your own logo and school badge/colours
  • Integrated calendar – remind parents of school events 24 hours, and one hour before each event
  • FREE Push Notifications for News – ideal for last minute reminders, cancelled clubs etc.
  • Secure – Authorised log in or updates    
  • Initial App set-up as an option 
  • FREE for Parents to download (from Apple App Store or Google Play Store) 


Many schools all over the UK already have OurSchoolsApp.  Given that apps account for 89% of mobile media time***, an App for your parents is the way forward.


Other Services Available with OurSchoolsApp:

1.Getting Your App Set-Up:

If you don’t have the time or resource to do so, we can populate your App with all the information your parents will need (e.g. news, calendar dates, statutory information, links to websites, and contacts), and we will personalise it to your school’s colours and branding, including your logo.

Call the Customer Services Team today to arrange your App Set-Up today!

2. Managed Service:

If you have our App, we want you to reap the maximum benefit for your school.   We understand that schools are busy places, and your school office has a never-ending to do list – that’s why we’re launching our App Managed Service – where we will take care of updating your App for you on a weekly basis, so you can rest assured that your parents are getting the information they need – straight to their phone.

Why not upgrade to our App Managed Service today!


Getting Parents Started:

We have designed a complimentary parent pack for schools to encourage more of your parents download and use OurSchoolsApp.  The parent pack includes templates and suggested information to help explain to your parents what the product is and encourage them to use it.

You can download the OurSchoolsApp Parent Pack here.



Interested ?

Truancy Call can reduce unauthorised absence, improve punctuality and reduce administrative time chasing pupil absence.

By dynamically integrating with your Management Information System, Truancy Call can pull the data for all absent and late pupils, and will send an automated phone call, text message or email to parents.  It also allows parents to respond by the same manner. Repeated calls are delivered until a response is provided, eliciting a high number of parental responses.


Tell by Text encourages young people to report incidents of bullying and anti-social behaviour directly to schools. Students can text, go online or call 24/7, with the option to upload images as evidence.

Tell by Text manages incidents being reported by text message, phone or online. Further information on an incident can be keyed directly into the system.

Some of the features of Tell By Text:

Instant Alerts
Whenever a student reports an incident, it automatically appears on Tell By Text and the school is alerted to this. The student will receive automatic confirmation back to them to confirm receipt of their message.

Upload Photo Evidence
The app allows students to upload photos as evidence, such as, for example, abusive words written in the toilet. In cases of cyber bullying, this could be a snapshot of their screen.

No Complicated Technical Requirements
Tell By Text is based on a secure website, so no software to install. No additional hardware is required – all you need is an Internet connection.

Easy to Promote
Tell By Text works through a mobile number, landline and website to schools. These can be promoted by your school to your students through downloadable posters, planner inserts and cards.

Real Time Information
Tell By Text displays in real-time all the messages you have received and allows you to make notes next to the message on the action taken.

Secure and Safe
Secure access to the system means only that staff member can see the text messages, voice messages and online posts from students.

Reggie® is a mobile application that allows teachers to take the student register, anytime and anywhere. Perfect for primary schools that do paper or OMR registers or secondary school PE departments.

Reggie® is ideal for your staff that are on the move or away from their PC as it communicates directly with your school’s Management Information System. It is fully compatible with Capita SIMS.