Safeguarding Looked After ChildrenSafeguarding Looked After ChildrenSafeguarding Looked After Children

Looked After Call monitors looked after children’s attendance, assessment progress and PEPs, both in and out of area.

By using a combination of manual calling and automated data extraction directly from the MIS, we are able to provide accurate, timely and secure data across all establishment types no matter where they are.  The data is presented to the Virtual School in easy-to-read and personalised reports that are accessible online.  This saves a considerable amount of resource within the Virtual School, whilst freeing up staff time.

Reports that are readily available include:
Attendance – by codes, authorised and unauthorised attendance, exclusions, analysis and detailed overviews.
Assessments – levels across all KS and abilities, children of other Local Authorities, GCSE and SATs collection.
Global exports of all data.
Bespoke reporting.

Alerts are automatically generated to inform the Virtual School of any new students, exclusions, school or student moves.  Our secure internal email maintains absolute security of personal details and keeps us compliant under the new GDPR guidelines.  Virtual School stakeholders are also able to access the easy-to-use ‘self-serve’ portal to upload data and PEPs themselves – thus avoiding being constantly telephoned.

Key features of Looked After Call:
• Safeguarding and early intervention analysis.
• Accurate, timely and secure data reporting.
• Manual calling, self-serve and automatic extraction.
• Saves time, money and training resources.
• Secure website access, so no need for additional hardware.

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Key features

Safeguarding and Intervention

It enables children at risk to be safeguarded and provides opportunities for early intervention. This ensures that they still make sufficient progress no matter where they are educated.



Using the combination of automatic data collection and manual telephone contact, ensures that a comprehensive view of your looked after children is shown. No child’s data is missed no matter where, or how they are educated.

Keep It In House

By keeping the monitoring of Looked After Children in-house through Looked After Call, information and data is accessible immediately.


Significant Savings

Looked After Call partly automates the current manual process in monitoring and reporting on Looked After Children which could save your authority thousands of pounds each year.


Safe and Secure with Protected Data

Looked After Call is HTTPS encrypted with access via a secure server using the highest levels of security and frequent penetration testing. Contact Group are registered with the Information Commissioner and all of our staff are DBS cleared.


No Complicated Technical Requirements

Looked After Call is based on a secure website therefore no additional hardware is required. All that the Virtual School needs is an internet connection.



“LCC is now able to meet, at a reasonable cost, its statutory requirements under the Children’s Act 2004. In addition to this it is able to send more quickly and efficiently regular reports to its partners on its LAC’s educational performance.

“The recent Ofsted report stated: ‘A new electronic data system for attendance monitoring, both within the city and out of area, ensures daily checks and swift action.”

Strategic Lead for LAC Education at Liverpool City Council