Payments for SchoolsPayments for SchoolsPayments for Schools

Payments which sits within our Call Parents platform, is a school online payments collection system – guaranteed to save your school hours of administrative time, helping you move to a cashless environment.

Send requests for, and collect payments from parents for trips, school events and fundraisers, uniform, breakfast and after school clubs and more. With the ability to target specific class/year group parents, there’s no need to send letters asking for money, and no need for office staff to chase outstanding payments.

Easier for School – Easier for Parents

Less cash on site… Fewer trips to the bank!


Payments Product features:

  • Parents receive a receipt for every payment
  • Issue refunds – hassle-free! (e.g. a child can no longer attend a trip)
  • Customise payment requests (by class or year groups)
  • Detailed reporting, statistics and  analytics – see what has been paid, and what is outstanding – by parent, class, or year group.
  • Unlimited technical support
  • Multiple  bank  accounts  can  be  nominated  to  pay  money  into (e.g. if you have payments going to your LA as well as your school).