Absence and Late Messaging SystemAbsence and Late Messaging SystemAbsence and Late Messaging System

Truancy Call can reduce unauthorised absence, improve punctuality and reduce administrative time chasing pupil absence.

By dynamically integrating with your Management Information System, Truancy Call can pull the data for all absent and late pupils, and will send an automated phone call, text message or email to parents.  It also allows parents to respond by the same manner. Repeated calls are delivered until a response is provided, eliciting a high number of parental responses.


Key features

Reduce Unauthorised Absences

Truancy Call is proven to reduce unauthorised absences in schools.

Gain Greater Parental Responses

Over a third of parental responses are received by Truancy Call out of school hours.

Save Costs

Save money on telephone call costs through quick calls or texts to parents enquiring after a child’s absence rather than personal calling which can be more lengthy and costly.


Free up valuable support staff time by having Truancy Call do first day contact on behalf of your school via calling or texting parents.

Parents with no Mobile Credit?

Parents are not charged for responding to calls from Truancy Call – ideal for contacting those that are hard to reach.

Flexibility to Suit You

With data drawn dynamically from your school’s MIS, immediately identify who is absent or late. Filter the data down further and remove parents or guardians who don’t require messages.

“Truancy Call has undoubtedly helped us achieve some of the best attendance rates in Bedfordshire (95.2%)”

Headteacher at Newnham Middle School, Bedfordshire

“I have been using Truancy Call and Call Parents for a number of years now and would agree emphatically that you provide a solid and reliable service.”

Attendance and Admissions Manager at secondary school, Derby

Truancy Call has helped us reduce the rates of unauthorised absence significantly.”

Headteacher at an Academy in Essex